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things to do in the area for the night crawlers

Chili Cook Off Results

An event­ful evening at the Activ­i­ty Cen­tre with the local culi­nary skills and cos­tumes. Moun­tain Park Lodges has been host­ing this event for over twen­ty years and is it’s always a great event to take in Jasper in Jan­u­ary. This year did not dis­ap­point, Explore Jasper even entered the event with the raft­ing crew from Jasper Raft­ing Adven­tures.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge — Peo­ples Choice Award

The chili was made fresh at the venue and was out­vot­ed by one to the Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge’ chili from the peo­ples choice award!

Jasper Tourism
Jasper Tourism — Tak­ing in Num­ber 1 by the judges
Earls In The Rockies
Earls In The Rockies- Tak­ing in Num­ber 2 by the judges
Explore Jasper
Explore Jasper- Tak­ing in Num­ber 3 by the judges
Coco's Cafe
Coco’s Cafe  — Cos­tume awards
Jasper Events Management
Jasper Events Man­age­ment — Cos­tume awards
AFCA — Cos­tume awards

More of the­se pho­tos can be reached at: FB


Jasper & Hin­ton

All Aboard the Jasper Santa Train!

Thanks to the Volunteers

Each year, VIA Rail work­ers & togeth­er with oth­er kind Jasper folks vol­un­teer pre­cious time, ener­gy & resources to put on this great event: the Annu­al San­ta Train. They don’t just vol­un­teer on the day of the event, this year Novem­ber 29th. They put in count­less hours plan­ning & then mak­ing it hap­pen.

Jasper Food Bank

Patrick Mooney, president of the Jasper Food Bank Society
Anne, head vol­un­teer & Patrick Mooney, from the Food Bank

This entire event is all about the true spir­it of Christ­mas. In addi­tion to pur­chas­ing tick­ets, pas­sen­gers are request­ed to bring food items and oth­er dona­tions for the Jasper Food Bank.

Patrick Mooney, pres­i­dent of the Jasper Food Bank Soci­ety spent the day sit­ting in chaos cen­tral of the train sta­tion as kids, par­ents & dona­tions piled up inside the old build­ing. By the end of the 2 train runs that day, one in the morn­ing & the train we took at 3pm, there was a pret­ty decent pile of dona­tions for Patrick to haul away.

Anne, head of the vol­un­teers, sold raf­fle tick­ets to help pump up cash reserves for the food bank.

Building up the Santa Buzz

You can’t imag­ine the excite­ment that built up from the moment we left the Jasper train sta­tion. As we left head­ing west, towards B.C., we were told that San­ta had missed the train. But, if we kept watch­ing out the win­dow towards the south, we might see San­ta fly­ing past in his sleigh. I swear I even­tu­al­ly was believ­ing I’d see him out there!

The looks on those lit­tle faces were price­less. But when we entered a train tun­nel through the moun­tain, I swear one of my lit­tle com­pan­ions was going to loose it. Just as the tears were build­ing up in his eyes, a VIA vol­un­teer loud­ly announced that San­ta had been spot­ted … per­fect tim­ing.

Santa landed on the Train

Volunteer Elves
Vol­un­teer Elves

… Or so we were told. San­ta didn’t dis­ap­point us. He walked through the train singing Jin­gle Bells, fol­lowed by his helper elf vol­un­teers who hand­ed out bags of lit­tle gifts.

I didn’t even notice when the train stopped and start­ed revers­ing back to Jasper. The trip was about 2 hours total. On the return trip, kids were invit­ed to take their turns head­ing back to the dome car where they could have their pic­tures tak­en with San­ta.

Fabulash, A Drag Queen Evening

Explor­ing the every­day lives of the ordi­nary or in this case extra­or­di­nary. A drag queen show fundrais­ing for the pride com­mu­ni­ty. I would high­ly encour­age you to catch one of the­se shows when it comes around again. It makes an enter­tain­ing evening out.

Carrying the pride flag
Car­ry­ing the pride flag

The wild and flam­boy­ant out­fits the­se drag queens dawned was spec­tac­u­lar and also riske. So before pre­ced­ing low­er to this post, don’t be shocked.

Drag Queens
Drag Queens
Drag Queens
Drag Queens

There was a silent auc­tion donat­ed by many of the local busi­ness­es which was appre­ci­at­ed from every­one that attend­ed. Sor­ry I don’t have a list of them on hand at writ­ing of this post. Feel free to share this post if you are any of the spon­sors.

Drag Queens
Drag Queens
Drag Queens
Drag Queens
DJ Jaxx
DJ Jaxx


Halloween 2016

Hal­loween is such a great night to get dressed up and be some­one you are not. And it is also fun for the young ones to get treats from their neigh­bours plus a lit­tle social gath­er­ing for the par­ents.

Band Brad Graves
Brad Graves — The Devil’s Son
Jasper Royal Canadain Legion
Jasper Roy­al Cana­di­an Legion
Jasper Royal Canadain Legion
Jasper Roy­al Cana­di­an Legion

Believe it or not, some parts of the world do not know what Hal­loween is, as a tourist des­ti­na­tion town, they are in for a treat as the locals gets into it pret­ty good.  Here is a link to a D’ed Dog Bar and Grill Face­book album if you are into that:

The contest for the best costumes Jasper Royal Canadain Legion
The con­test for the best cos­tumes
Jasper Royal Canadain Legion
Jasper Roy­al Cana­di­an Legion

Def­i­nite­ly some great cos­tumes out there, so, plan your next year cos­tume now, because there are plen­ty of com­pe­ti­tion here in #myJasper