Celestine Lake Road

Parks has announced the road is opened for the sum­mer. After years of dif­fer­ent clo­sures, the access is open to pub­lic again.

Bridge to North Bound­ary Trail

This road has a time sys­tem, where only one way traf­fic is allowed at cer­tain time of the day. The time sched­ule is post­ed on the entrance of the road. If you are trav­el­ing by bicy­cle, not to wor­ry as you can avoid the traf­fic.

Snake Indi­an Riv­er

Traf­fic: The traf­fic is one way, so please observe the “in” and “out” times. The one way sched­ule is: hours in, 8–9, 11–12, 2–3, 5–6; hours out, 9:30–10:30, 12:30–1:30, 3:30–4:30, 6:30–7:30.

This road is also the trail­head for the North Bound­ary Trail, Celes­tine Lake, Snake Indi­an Falls.

CN rail and Athabas­ca Riv­er

April 22, 2001

Access: High­way 16 East of Jasper approx­i­mate­ly 15 kilo­me­ters.

Park­ing: Yes, in des­ig­nat­ed areas along the road.

Trail­head: Take the Snar­ing turnoff, then dri­ve pass Snar­ing Camp­site.

Activ­i­ties: Hik­ing, Bik­ing, Camp­ing and His­tor­i­cal site.
Map: http://goo.gl/e1esV9


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