Colin Hut

Locat­ed at the base of MT Col­in is one of the small­est huts I’ve encoun­tered. There are sev­er­al routes that you can take to reach this hut, all of them quite tax­ing! We, (Lar­ry, Mike and I) chose the fol­low­ing route: with our heavy packs on our backs we rode the Over­lan­der trail just past the remains of Mober­ly home­stead.

Col­in Hut

We stashed our bikes and hike up the ridge and did some bush­whack­ing (not nec­es­sary, just don’t lose the trail like we did!). After get­ting back on track in the avalanche prone gul­ly approx­i­mate­ly 2 kilo­me­tres from the hut, we put on our snow­shoes and pro­ceed­ed up the creek bed.

Excit­ed for new adven­ture

Usu­al route would be along the steep left side of the creek. Cau­tion is the key word here, we were lucky that most of the side gul­lies had slid and made it fair­ly safe to cross this ter­rain trap. Even our snow­shoes did not keep us from break­ing through on the isother­mal snow, spot­ting the yel­low mark­er up the steep embank­ment we ven­tured for­ward.

Snow shoe

We had to remove our snow­shoes part of the way. Get­ting up the last pitch was not an easy task with snow up to our waist then find­ing a recent track left by Syl­vain, (which we lat­er learned that he came from Hawk moun­tain and down a Col.) this route is very tough and scary by my stan­dard. We were thank­ful that we chose to bring snow­shoes after look­ing at Sylvain’s post-holed tracks. We put our snow­shoes on and grunt­ed the rest of the way to the hut.

deep isother­mal snow

Beau­ti­ful scenery is all that is need­ed to say. The weath­er was per­fect, and the com­pan­ions, just right on! This hut is rat­ed for six, but four is what I would ever care for. Just new­ly ren­o­vat­ed by the Alpine Club of Cana­da, where you con­tact to reserve this hut and get the com­plete details.

This bike-hike-scram­ble-snow­shoe trip took us approx­i­mate­ly 6 hours to com­plete. It is longer than usu­al but after read­ing the jour­nal of some of my friends that had pre­vi­ous­ly stayed at this hut, we did not fair too bad. The jour­ney home was relax­ing with majes­tic views to cap­ture on film. Enjoy some of these pho­tos that were tak­en on this trip.

Who has been to the hut?
Great way to trav­el to the trail­head via Over­lan­der

Thanks to my sub­jects for let­ting me post their mugs!
Mike D, Lar­ry S, Syl­vain A.

Access: High­way 16 East of Jasper approx­i­mate­ly 25 kilo­me­ters. By bike or hike.

Park­ing: No

Trail­head: Have to hike in or bike to the trail­head, via the Over­lan­der trail.

Activ­i­ties: Climb­ing, Hik­ing, Camp­ing.

(Cen­ten­ni­al hut)
Built in July 1, 1967

April 21, 2000


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