Edith Cavell Adventure

Here are some shots from the clas­sic route of Edith Cavell. This amaz­ing moun­taineer­ing adven­ture is by far my favorite achieve­ment. The trip took 17 hours round trip with lots of breaks and one mishap.

Cau­tion is advised for this adven­ture. Climb­ing knowl­edge and no fear of expo­sure is a must! Of course the com­mon sense to hire a moun­tain guide if your abil­i­ty is not up to par.

This trip start­ed at 1:40 am at the park­ing lot of Edith Cavell. A short hike to the first snow patch that leads to the east ridge in the full moon is breath­tak­ing. We put on our cram­pons and start­ed our accent. This where my epic began, near­ly reach­ing the ridge, my foot­ing failed and I slid down the corn snow in the dark and think­ing to myself “this is it!” After 80 or 90 feet of high speed (it felt like 100 miles per hour) decent los­ing the ice ax right off the bat was not in the plans. Some­how, some lucky turn of event I stopped short of slam­ming into the rocks where we just crossed. Big sigh of relief and adren­a­line rush­ing through my veins was def­i­nite­ly hap­pen­ing. A dis­tance call from the ridge, “…EDDIE!”

Lucky for me that I packed a spare ice ax, with the adren­a­line that was cours­ing through my sys­tem I start­ed my accent again, col­lect­ed the ax where I had start­ed to fall and short­ly was on the ridge where Mike was wait­ing patient­ly and per­plexed at what hap­pened. I showed him my Huge road rash on my left fore­arm and out came the first aid. As you can see from these pho­tos, we con­tin­ued our accent. When­ev­er there were snow I was very slow going. Can you blame me?

Sun rise at 6:30 am, this sight was to be remem­bered for­ev­er. The First Step to the peak was so intim­i­dat­ing that talk of turn­ing back was spo­ken, but not real­ly in our plans. The inter­est­ing parts were just begin­ning, hang­ing out there and look­ing under your arm pits and see­ing the Cavell pond beneath you is some thing that I can­not be cap­tured in words.

The sum­mit was reached at NOON! After a paparazzi ses­sion and lunch on top of the world, the ugly decent of the west ridge was to begin. But that is anoth­er story…back at the vehi­cle by 7:30 pm.

by Eddie Wong
August 17, 2000


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