Ice Caves Edith Cavell

Ice formations & natural beauty

Amaz­ing, grandiose, majes­tic and time­less. Caves chan­neled out by melt­ing glac­i­er and ice­bergs float­ing in the melt water of the two glac­i­ers, “Ghost” & “Angel”, makes this place a must see when in Jasper Nation­al Park. You can come up to this area and spend mul­ti­ple days of explo­ration. The only catch is that, this area is a day use area unless you stay at the Edith Cavell Hos­tel.

These caves are more dan­ger­ous than it seems, with great cau­tion and care when head­ing into this area. Con­stant rock and ice falls from the glac­i­er. Avalanche is a big fac­tor, spe­cial­ly when the tem­per­a­ture is warm. In year 2012, Ghost glac­i­er plum­met­ed into the lake below and unleashed a tidal wave that chan­neled the low­er path and destroyed the entry of the park­ing lot. Luck­i­ly, it hap­pened around 4 in the morn­ing, where there was no peo­ple traf­fic in the area.






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