Bull Elk


Elks — Wapti

This species of ungu­lates are well known in town, as an local, we find them a nui­sance most of the time.  They come and poop on your side­walks and munch on your prize flow­ers. For­get about putting a veg­gie gar­den unpro­tect­ed, they will graze away.

New born elks
New born elks
Bull Elk
Bull Elk

In the Spring, you have to be cau­tious of the cow Elks, as they are preg­nant and they are aggres­sive when near them. Then in the Fall the Male bull Elks are the aggres­sive ones, as they think you are a threat, tak­ing their cows.

Bull Elk
Bull Elk

Not sure if this is known to all the res­i­dents, that the­se Elks were re-introduced to Jasper from Yel­low­stone Nation­al Park. Now the herds of Elks are pret­ty health and can be seen most of the time. If it is your first time see­ing the­se ani­mals, please be aware they are still wild even if they do not look like it. Be respon­si­ble when dri­ving, they will not take off like many of the oth­er ani­mals in the park, so park nice­ly off to the pull out, and do not block mov­ing traf­fic.

Mother Elk tending to their young
Moth­er Elk tend­ing to their young


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