Hawk Mountain

Slip, Tumble & Blood

This trek is one for the books, a full day hike to the peak of Hawk Moun­tain. We were warned on the dif­fi­cul­ties and adven­ture that awaits us. The day was a blue bird with hot weath­er. Water is def­i­nite­ly a issue as this hike does not have any streams or any water source as a mat­ter of fact. The four of us Reg, Art, Yumi and myself had a depar­ture time of 8am leav­ing Jasper.

Yumi and Art fly­ing high
every false sum­mit has a view
Just get­ting some atti­tude
Hawk way back there in the dis­tance
Old burn area


The trail­head starts at Mor­ro Peak, since Art and Reg had trek to route before, Yumi and I relied on their expe­ri­ence. The trail is not as straight for­ward as it seems, so expe­ri­ence was great asset. No down­time on trek sav­ing extra mileage look­ing for a route. I believe it took us 5 and a half hours to reach the peak.

Hav­ing lunch at the sum­mit of Hawk

After the peak lunch and snacks is where this adven­ture begins. Just about about an hour of hik­ing down the loose talus and steep ter­rain I catch a glimpse of my friend Art sit­ting and Yumi hov­er­ing over him. As i got clos­er i see that there was blood! Yumi was busy patch­ing Art up. After ask­ing what hap­pened, and check­ing if Art was okay. He told us how he slipped and fell, wow, Reg and I was shocked, we asked if he want­ed a heli­copter to take him down, because there was at least 4 hours descent to hike. Strong as an Ox, he said it was all good.

Crazy injury tum­bling on sharp talas rocks

Check­ing on him while descend­ing kept us all cool and col­lec­tive. As we got close to the canyon, the water was dry on all us except for Reg who had the fore sight to stash some water along the trail.  Sure need­ed that swig of water. Thanks Reg.



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