Women hockey League


Canada’s Official Winter Sport!

Did you know that the Nation­al Sports of Cana­da Act offi­cial­ly declared, in 1994, that Canada’s Nation­al win­ter sport is hock­ey?

Jasper Hockey Arena
Jasper Hock­ey Are­na
Hockey goalie
Hock­ey goalie
Nature skating on Lake Mildred
Nature skat­ing on Lake Mil­dred

Jasper is a mem­ber of the Stur­geon Pem­bi­na Hock­ey league and has teams from Ini­ti­a­tion up to Midget as well as a female team. All teams host local tour­na­ments through­out the win­ter and always encour­age out of town entries.

Contact Information for Hockey Enthusiasts

Dave the Plumber  780–852-5612

Chuck Bark­er  780–852-1974

Jasper Activ­i­ty Cen­tre  780–852-3381


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