Lake Edith

A glacial fed lake about 8–10 kilo­me­ters from Jasper town site. Just off the Yel­low­head High­way 16, along side Athabas­ca Riv­er. Cross the Mober­ly Bridge that takes you to either The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge or Maligne Lake take the left fork after the bridge and you will head south on the Maligne Lake road. Tak­ing the first right hand turn and you will find the road to Lake Edith.

Rent a bike from town and cruise down to the lake
one of the shal­low lakes in Jasper
I would say it is one of the warmer lakes in the park

Here you will find beau­ti­ful log homes nes­tled around the crys­tal blue lake­front with prime beach prop­er­ty are some unique cab­ins that are now win­ter­ize, and lived in year round. Although there is no com­mer­cial activ­i­ty (none that I know of) at Lake Edith, it still draws quite a bit of traf­fic from fish­er­men, swim­mers, jog­gers, and sun-wor­ship­pers.  There is a pub­lic dock and beach, so you can enjoy this pic­turesque sight either float on the lake or just walk­ing around.

lake-edith20070707_0214Beach and soak, what can you ask for?

By the way, No Gas pow­ered motors allowed! Remem­ber you are in the Nation­al Park and to be Eco friend­ly is to enjoy the great out­doors here. Since this lake is very shal­low with lots of sand­bars, you can some­times spot some­body pre­tend­ing to be like Jesus walk­ing on water in the mid­dle of the lake. I would like to add that this lake is one of the warmer glacial lakes to swim in, it is a great place to prac­tice your Eski­mo rolls, and no it is not some thing you bake. Kayak­ing is one of the major sports in Jasper and this is a great prac­tic­ing place for begin­ners to advance alike. Adja­cent to this lake is Lake Annette, one of the more pop­u­lar day use areas with all the ameni­ties, Bar-b-q grills, pic­nic tables, beach and out­house!

lake-edith20070707_0232_1Prac­tice kayak­ing



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