Winter wonderland in Jasper

Things to do, and points of interest. Regular tours are available to access the valley bottom. A guide will safely tour you around with interpretive knowledge.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

Still a little bit frozen in May

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

Sandwiched between ice

We do however, have to wait till the weather to get cooler so it can freeze the canyon bottom and the surrounding seepage which creates the wonderful frozen ice falls.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

Narrow chutes

Maligne Canyon - Jasper


A cave that is normally under water in the summer is revealed, caution is advised if you are thinking of venturing in. It is not maintained and it not recommended if you do not know what you are doing.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

take in the canyon walls

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

Frozen water which is river in summer

The tall canyon walls are spectacular and wondrous, this area should be a place to see when you visit Jasper in the Winter.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

tall cliff walls

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

Deep canyon of Maligne

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

Bridge over canyon

If the canyon is not ready for walking on, you can still walk above from the Tea house down to Fifth or Sixth bridge.

 spectacular view 1Y9A5280

spectacular view


View into the deep canyon

This place is great to visit year round, so explore this area the next time you visit.