Mt. Paul

If you want to summit, crampons are recommended for the section prior to summit. Otherwise the trail was fairly straight forward, canoe across from Coronet campsite dock, head into the valley until you find a suitable accent north and try not to get cliff-ed out and once past treeline, head west towards the summit of Mt. Paul.


A great day trip to tackle when staying at the majestic Coronet Creek campsite. You will need a watercraft to get to this area. At a elevation of about 2800 metres, about the height of Pyramid mountain. This hike requires an early start so you can summit. Unfortunately, we were denied the summit yet again. The photos here are just some of the views you can look forward to, even if you do not make it to the top.


There are snow pitches and exposure, so be prepared! The final ascent to the top of Mt. Paul is quite intimidating (one of the reasons for the turnaround).


The rewards are still great even when the summit is not reached.



A special thanks for my mountain models:
Kelsey, Rhonda, Larry, and Mike


Access: Maligne Lake, 21 km south, by canoe or kayak, approximately 1 hours drive, plus four to six hours by boat

 Parking: Yes at Maligne Lake parking lot

Trailhead: Starts Maligne Lake

 Distance: approximately 8 km

 Activities: Hiking / Canoeing