Mt. Tekarra

This peak is named after an Iro­quois guide that lead the Palis­er expe­di­tion through the Athabas­ca val­ley in the days of the fur trade. It has been rumored the name “Tekar­ra” loose­ly trans­lat­ed as “Light Danc­ing on Water”.  So when you look on the water and see the shim­mer­ing light, you can say you saw Tekar­ra.

A great peak to sum­mit on a cool day. The pho­tos we took on this par­tic­u­lar day was hot and dry, lucky we found a nice lit­tle source of water for our adven­ture.

This is an all day adven­ture, take lots of water.

The sum­mit dance
Alpine Tarn, not a big fan of stag­nant water
Found a small water source here
Can you spot Mount Rob­son?
Solar pan­els for the repeaters , these were installed here after they took down the Pyra­mid mtn instal­la­tion
The end­less chain of the north­ern rock­ies
Sig­nal moun­tain in the dis­tance

Mt-Tekarra_3640 Mt-Tekarra_3645

Access: From Jasper head towards Maligne Lake road, Just pri­or to Maligne Canyon
Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: From the start of Sig­nal Moun­tain / Sky­line just before Maigne Canyon

Activ­i­ties: Hik­ing / Scram­bling / Bik­ing