Natural Arch

Maligne Range with breath taking landscape

Access: South End of Med­i­cine Lake

Park­ing: Pull out on the right side (south bound) of Maligne Lake Road

The pho­tos describes this explorato­ry trip to the infa­mous nat­ur­al arch. It is not actu­al­ly well known to the locals, but the climb­ing niche is, it is one of their favorites. The climb does not need ropes, so it is rat­ed a scram­ble, unless you real­ly want to get to the top of the arch itself. A real­ly nice durable pair of gloves is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed.

The chute that has to be com­plet­ed to access the ridge
If you lose the trail, look for chutes like this one
Low water at Med­i­cine Lake

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Steep and rugged ter­rain is what we found and trail not too appar­ent as not much traf­fic ven­tures this area. Trail is dry, so you will need water if you hike this on a hot day. This was about 8 hours round trip. High­ly rec­om­mend a moun­tain guide for this adven­ture.

Thanks to Mike and Rob for the hike.

Octo­ber 2006
Eddie Wong





2 thoughts on “Natural Arch”

  1. Hi !

    We are real­ly inter­est­ed to do this hike/scrambling.

    Can you give me more infor­ma­tion where the trail start ? Where can we park ?


    1. It is a tough one to say exact­ly where, there is a grav­el pull out along the Maligne Riv­er near the gul­ly. My approx­i­mate guess is about 1 to 2 km south of Med­i­cine Lake. hope this helps. This is a scram­ble, so the route is not well marked.

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