Parker’s Ridge is a great place to day hike once you enter Jasper national park border from Banff. Combining nature and human activity, this area has dangers that can be life threatening. But with proper knowledge of the terrain, this place is a great playground for skiers, snowboarders, hikers and just plain old nature lovers.


Even with proper training, there are times that natural hazards will release on its own and you just can’t avoid it. Equipment that is recommended when accessing this area or other backcountry settings that has avalanche hazards is Transceiver, Probe, and Shovel. These are the minimum equipment that should be taken along and have the proper instructions to use them.


summer shot of the snow

Avalanche Awareness courses is available throughout the wintertime in Jasper. Many people take this course for various kinds of reasons. There are a few qualified instructors in Jasper that can put on these courses. I’ve listed some links below; these web sites will have more information on the type of courses that they can offer and where you can rent equipment. Avalanche Awareness is not a full Avalanche training course, it only helps you understand the basic principals of an avalanche, how it is formed, what can trigger a slide, equipment used, how to use it, what dangers to look for and more. It is a great course to take if you have any interest in Touring, Mountaineering, Snowmobiling and other backcountry sports.

Summer time is also great to hike this area.


Mt. Athabasca


Beautiful path


Icefield Parkway


Saskatchewan glacier


Shoulder of the Ridge

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Access: Highway 93, 110 km South of Jasper

Parking: Yes

Trailhead: Trail starts at Hilda parking

Distance: 2.4 km

Activities: Hiking / Skiing / Sights

By Eddie Wong