Roche Bonhomme

You start this trail just across the Maligne Canyon Hostel fac­ing south east. Find the trail close to the drainage that leads you uphill. You will be in the trees for the most of this trip. When you get high­er in ele­va­tion, you will come across a old burn area.

Look­ing into the east val­ley
ridge with Jasper in back­ground

This hike takes a full day to com­plete. So give your­self 8hrs and then some RnR the next day.

start in dense forest
Melis­sa on a scram­ble

After tree­line, you will have to do a lit­tle bit of scram­bling to reach the sum­mit. This is where, every­one won­ders if they are on the fore­head or on the nose. Try to guess your­self and tell me. There is a lit­tle cave that can fit two if the weath­er gets bad.

Small shel­ter

This Moun­tain is also called OLD MAN MOUNTAIN. Some­times I won­der if it was named because the shape of the face when you look at it from the val­ley or because we are get­ting old and climb­ing this moun­tain is for us.

peer into the river val­ley
Sum­mit is won­der­ful

Access: Hwy 16, head North East, cross Mober­ly bridge, head towards Maligne Canyon

Park­ing: At Maligne Canyon Park­ing

Trail­head: Lit­tle pass the Maligne hostel cou­ple hun­dred meters

Activ­i­ties: Sights / Climb­ing / Scram­bling / Hik­ing



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