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Snaring Road

This road is most­ly used for the Snar­ing camp­site, just past the camp­site, cross­ing the Snar­ing riv­er, the road con­tin­ues on to the war­den sta­tion and Mober­ly home­stead. Beyond that, the road con­tin­ues to the North Bound­ary trail.

Snaring traffic sign
Snar­ing traf­fic sign
Some nice lakes along the way
Some nice lakes along the way

Access to Celes­tine Lake, Snake Indi­an Falls, Jasper House, and more. If you are going this far, a 4x4 is rec­om­mend­ed as the road is quite rough, do not try this with a RV.  There are cou­ple sec­tions of the road that is one lane only and some parts bor­ders a cliff. A sec­tion cross­es a stream that can flood. Not rec­om­mend­ed for street motor­cy­cles once you reach the grav­el sec­tion.

Fairly quiet road but bumpy
Fair­ly qui­et road but bumpy
Entrance to Snaring Road via Hwy 16
Entrance to Snar­ing Road via Hwy 16
Great way to shuttle
Great way to shut­tle


Access: Hwy 16 — East of Jasper

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Many trails start from this road.

Activ­i­ties: Sights / Hik­ing / Bik­ing / Camp­ing / Cross-coun­try ski


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