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Lake Annette

Many come here to pic­nic, Bar-b-q, play Fris­bee or just soak­ing up the rays as the sun real­ly hits this area. If you are lucky you might see the Ospreys (bird of prey) hunt for their food, they are known to fre­quent the area as I can attest to. Watch­ing them dive into the water and pulling out some­thing you brag about after your fish­ing trip, is some­thing to behold.

great way to spend a hot day

Wild life is of abun­dance, as food attracts ani­mals (please do not feed ani­mals), some get too close for com­fort as these are wild ani­mals and very unpre­dictable. Some ani­mals include White­tail deer, Mule deer, Bears and Elk. There is also a cat­a­comb of hik­ing trails that orig­i­nates from this area. The Parks Infor­ma­tion Cen­tre can sup­ply you with free maps.

Float with a matress
car­ry out your bev­er­ages on a float­ing cad­dy

Boards are avail­able to rent these days in Jasper.    annette-lake-041723   annette-lake-041750

A day use area with plen­ty of thing to do, as this a large area with open spaces devel­oped for every­one to enjoy the park beach set­ting like you would find like the parks in your city (Not), This set­ting comes with a gor­geous view from the val­ley bot­tom. Panoram­ic views of the majes­tic Rocky Moun­tains that Sur­rounds Lake Annette. Take a walk around this glacial fed lake and appre­ci­ate the wilder­ness with­out get­ting to far into the back coun­try.

Jasper’s sandy beach
All ages

This area is for day use only and the war­dens will put out your fire if you stay too late, some­thing I do not agree with, but there are van­dals that make it bad for every­one. Please keep area clean for every­one to enjoy.

just float­ing along

Access: From Jasper head towards The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge, just before the JPL wel­come gates, turn left
Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: 5 min­utes east of Jasper on HWY 16, 5 min­utes lodge road

Activ­i­ties: Canoe / Fish­ing / Wind Sail­ing / Bar-b-q / Day Use


Jasper Lakes and Beaches

Jasper lakes and beaches

List of lakes and beach­es in Jasper Nation­al Park. Lots to list here, so it will take awhile to post them here. Some of these lakes are not going to be car acces­si­ble. Stay tuned.



Lake Annette

Lake Edith

Maligne Lake

Med­i­cine Lake

Geral­dine Lake

Sum­mit Lake


Some beach­es are pet friend­ly, so ask at the Parks infor­ma­tion cen­tre where you can­not bring your pet. Try “My Jasper Nan­ny” if you want to leave your pet some where.


Pyramid Lake Beachside

Pyramid Lake day use area

A winding road leads to Patricia and Pyramid lakes where fishing, picnicking, boating (no gas motors allowed), and hiking are extremely popular. There are bbq fire pits along the south shores of this lake. Day use only, don't try to camp out there as the resort and Parks Canada will frown upon that. The beach is quite small and the water frigid.

Just past the resort you can walk onto the island where it is quite popular to have wedding photos and ceremonies take place. There are no reservation system in place as of writing this, so if you want to have a ceremony here, it is first come first serve. You can ask your marriage commissioner for advise.

Melody and Pete wedding
A bride arrives on the beach by canoe

Rental facilities include horse-back riding, canoeing, fishing. Or bring your own water craft, there is a dock there.

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice-skating on Pyramid Lake in the winter make this an ideal location for family fun.

Seasonal and year-round accommodation and dining facilities available.

Access: From town, Pyramid Lake Road

Parking: Yes

Trailhead: Along the lake, Pyramid Lake Resort

Activities: Hiking / Biking / Canoe / Fishing / Day Use / Sights


Marriage Commissioner

Looking for an alternate place to get married? Marriage Commissioner are the choices you are looking for.

Patricia Lake

Access: From town, Pyra­mid Lake Road, and Bon­homme Street

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Along the lake

Activ­i­ties: Hik­ing / Bik­ing / Canoe / Fish­ing / Day Use / Sights

Day use area Patricia Lake

This lake is the one you see pri­or to reach­ing Pyra­mid Lake, on this lake you can fish, canoe, or use the day use area pro­vid­ed. Quite a few locals leave their boats on the dock for their per­son­al use. Patri­cia Lake Bun­ga­lows is fur­ther down the lake if you intend to stay over night. Pyra­mid Lake Resort is just past this lake.

Reflection of Pyramid Mountain by Eddie Wong
Reflec­tion of Pyra­mid Moun­tain on Patri­cia Lake

Locals tend to use this day use area for bbq gath­er­ings or check out the dark skies for amaz­ing pho­tog­ra­phy. Fish­ing is allowed when the sea­son is open.


His­tor­i­cal val­ue on Patri­cia Lake is that, it once held a secret oper­a­tion called “Hab­bakuk”.


In 1942,  The Sec­ond World War was a time when many sci­en­tists were encour­aged to devel­op weapon tech­nol­o­gy and oth­er mil­i­tary equip­ment to assist the war effort. The idea was that because ice was unsink­able, the berg ships would be insu­lat­ed and imper­vi­ous to bomb and tor­pe­do attacks.

The pro­to­type in Patri­cia Lake was dis­man­tled in 1943 by remov­ing all the machin­ery that had been used and leav­ing it to sink in place. In the 1970’s remains of the mod­el were found and stud­ied and in 1989, a plaque to com­mem­o­rate the unusu­al ship was placed on the lake’s shore.