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Maligne Canyon Winter

Winter wonderland in Jasper

Things to do, and points of inter­est. Reg­u­lar tours are avail­able to access the val­ley bot­tom. A guide will safe­ly tour you around with inter­pre­tive knowl­edge.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Still a lit­tle bit frozen in May
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Sand­wiched between ice

We do how­ev­er, have to wait till the weath­er to get cool­er so it can freeze the canyon bot­tom and the sur­round­ing seep­age which cre­ates the won­der­ful frozen ice falls.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Nar­row chutes
Maligne Canyon - Jasper

A cave that is nor­mal­ly under water in the sum­mer is revealed, cau­tion is advised if you are think­ing of ven­tur­ing in. It is not main­tained and it not rec­om­mend­ed if you do not know what you are doing.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
take in the canyon walls
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Frozen water which is riv­er in sum­mer

The tall canyon walls are spec­tac­u­lar and won­drous, this area should be a place to see when you vis­it Jasper in the Win­ter.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
tall cliff walls
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Deep canyon of Maligne
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Bridge over canyon

If the canyon is not ready for walk­ing on, you can still walk above from the Tea house down to Fifth or Sixth bridge.

 spectacular view 1Y9A5280
spec­tac­u­lar view
View into the deep canyon

This place is great to vis­it year round, so explore this area the next time you vis­it.


Cross-country Skiing Maligne Lake

Winter at Maligne Lake

Cross-coun­try ski­ing is fan­tas­tic in the Maligne Lake area, you can trav­el 22km south on the lake when the con­di­tion is right. Alpine is also reach­able on the Bald Hill trail. Or even do some mul­ti-day tours with the Six route pass or the Sky­line trail.

Cross country skiing - Maligne Lake - Jasper
Cross coun­try ski­ing — Maligne Lake — Jasper
Cross country skiing - Maligne Lake - Jasper
Cross coun­try ski­ing — Maligne Lake — Jasper
Cross country skiing - Maligne Lake - Jasper
Cross coun­try ski­ing — Maligne Lake — Jasper
Cross country skiing - Maligne Lake - Jasper
Cross coun­try ski­ing — Maligne Lake — Jasper
Cross country skiing - Maligne Lake - Jasper
Cross coun­try ski­ing — Maligne Lake — Jasper
Cross country skiing - Maligne Lake - Jasper
Cross coun­try ski­ing — Maligne Lake — Jasper

Is it going to closed for the winter?

We are head­ing to a point where Parks Cana­da is try­ing to reduce traf­fic to this area. Due to the Caribou’s decline in the area, Parks is try­ing to com­plete­ly deny any vis­i­tors here for the win­ter sea­sons. Here is a link to get the facts from the Parks Cana­da view. http://www.pc.gc.ca/pn-np/ab/jasper/ne/apactions-bcactions.aspx

Cross country skiing - Maligne Lake - Jasper
Cross coun­try ski­ing — Maligne Lake — Jasper
Cross country skiing - Maligne Lake - Jasper
Cross coun­try ski­ing — Maligne Lake — Jasper

More and more access will be denied to us, what do you think about this? Let us know.


Skyline Trail

I have done this trail twice now and both times in harsh weath­er. I was wait­ing to go again so I can get some updat­ed pho­tos for you. Here are some details of the Sky­line Trail for all of you that are inter­est­ed in this spec­tac­u­lar hike.

Patrick Cross­ing the stream
Col­or­ful rock fall
The cairn along the route
View from Watch­tow­er

You can access this trail from sev­er­al loca­tions, Sig­nal Moun­tain, Wabas­so Lake, Watch­tow­er, and the most com­mon route starts at Maligne Lake and end­ing up at Sig­nal Moun­tain.


Cura­tor Lake

There are about sev­en camp­sites on this trail, Eve­lyn Creek 5.2km (dis­tance will list from Maligne Lake Trail­head), Lit­tle Shov­el Pass 8.1km, Snow Bowl 11.8km, Watch­tow­er 21.5 (this camp­site is off the main path, and can be access by the Maligne Lake road just before Med­i­cine Lake 10.3km), Cura­tor 20.4km, Tekar­ra 30.1km, Sig­nal 35.7km then anoth­er 8.5km down to the road. Book­ing camp­sites for this pop­u­lar trail is a must and well in advance.


Be pre­pared for this trek as the weath­er changes are fre­quent and unpre­dictable. These pho­tos were tak­en years ago and it was all in one long 12 hour day. If you think you are unable to hike this trail, try going by horse­back with a local out­fit­ter, and their access is from the Athabas­ca val­ley side by the way of Wabas­so Lake.

Access: Maligne Lake, 48km from Jasper

Park­ing: Yes, last park­ing lot

Trail­head: Short walk

Dis­tance: 45–47 Kilo­me­ters (usu­al­ly 3day trek)

Ele­va­tion Gain: 1,350m

Activ­i­ties: Hik­ing / Horse­back

Thanks to Patrick for being my mod­el.

 by Eddie Wong.



Maligne Lake Fishing

Fishing on Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake is one of the lakes that you can go fish­ing in Jasper Nation­al Park, where the scenery is as beau­ti­ful as the sport of Fish­ing. The weath­er was hot this par­tic­u­lar day and it was about time, as this year start­ed out cold and it seemed that El Nina was going to make Jasper a frigid sum­mer. To get back to the fish­ing tale on Maligne Lake, some good friends were up from Sher­wood Park for a vis­it and of course, some fish­ing. We picked up our Nation­al Parks fish­ing per­mit (provin­cial fish­ing per­mits are not valid in Nation­al Parks) the day before at a local sport shop and got a tip from the ven­dor that Maligne Lake was the hot spot to be!

Get­ting a right fish­ing boat makes a lot of dif­fer­ence
Gord and his release

We were going to go there any­how, so it just made us hap­pi­er to go there. We (Per­ry, Kim, Gord and I) picked up our snacks for the out­ing in the morn­ing and head­ed off to the lake. The bonus was Per­ry and Kim had their own canoe and elec­tric motor (gas pow­ered motors are not allowed on Maligne Lake) and Gord had his “Rain­bow War­rior”, a fine­ly craft­ed 19 foot cedar strip canoe with all the fix­ings. This elim­i­nat­ed us in rent­ing any gear that is avail­able at the local shops. Or you can hire a fish­ing guide that will sup­ply all the nec­es­sary gear, I had the plea­sure of get­ting a seat in the Rain­bow War­rior with an expe­ri­ence guide (Gord).

I’ll take you to a nice spot

This fish­ing trip was not an ordi­nary one as most fish­er­man / women knows that ear­ly morn­ing and late evening is the time that the fish­es bite. Putting in at around 10:00am is just a wee bit late, but nev­er­the­less, we were deter­mined to catch some fine trout. Gord led the way to a secret spot where the fish­es were just wait­ing to take a bite in our hooks. Who knows which one of us had the first bite. As I fum­bled with some of my archa­ic lures (lead and live bait is not allowed, and bar­b­less rec­om­mend­ed) and tried some that just did not work for me, so I ask Gord for one of his spe­cial lure (can’t tell ya, going have to.… you) and sure enough, BAM! I got a bite!

secret bay
Great scenery while you fish

We were pulling them in and there was Kim pulling in her first one and ask­ing Per­ry, “can I let him go?” after releas­ing the fish she says, “alright I’m done fish­ing!” Ahh, to be sat­is­fied with just one catch, such a refresh­ing thought. We laughed and baked in the sun. We have all release one or two by now, but kept trolling. Then sud­den­ly, Gord lands a two to three pound Brook Trout. (Did I men­tion this is a tale?) After tak­ing a pho­to of this trout, Gord says “looks too good to keep…he’s a breed­er” and my mouth dropped as he releas­es it back into the water.
I usu­al­ly like to keep the fish I catch, because it taste so good up here and spe­cial­ly if they are big ones. But today was just catch and release day, good friends and beau­ti­ful sun­ny day.

June 15, 1999
by Eddie Wong