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Pyramid Mountain Climb

Scrambling the local backdrop

A lit­tle mis­lead­ing with the word climb, this trip is a mul­ti sport event. Bik­ing the first part is rec­om­mend­ed and you will love the down­hill when you are done with the sum­mit.





Once you are at the old base of the main­te­nance gon­do­la, it is time to ditch the bike and start your sec­ond phase of the sport, hik­ing. From here it should take around 2 to 3 hours to sum­mit Pyra­mid Moun­tain. about 300–400 meters from the sum­mit, there are some scram­bling (light climb­ing) involved.


Snow patch­es in late June
Jasper Lake in the back­ground



Melis­sa pos­es in front of Pyra­mid Lake





Alpine Art in the clouds
Scram­bling on giant rocks

The views are stun­ning from here on. Spend some time on the sum­mit and explore the area and take in the amaz­ing vis­tas. You will be able to see the lakes below with birds eye view.

pryamid-mtn (2)

It is fun to go as a group, but it does slow down trip times. This trip is usu­al­ly done after the snow has melt­ed from the north face. Rec­om­mend the month of July.





Hawk Mountain

Slip, Tumble & Blood

This trek is one for the books, a full day hike to the peak of Hawk Moun­tain. We were warned on the dif­fi­cul­ties and adven­ture that awaits us. The day was a blue bird with hot weath­er. Water is def­i­nite­ly a issue as this hike does not have any streams or any water source as a mat­ter of fact. The four of us Reg, Art, Yumi and myself had a depar­ture time of 8am leav­ing Jasper.

Yumi and Art fly­ing high
every false sum­mit has a view
Just get­ting some atti­tude
Hawk way back there in the dis­tance
Old burn area


The trail­head starts at Mor­ro Peak, since Art and Reg had trek to route before, Yumi and I relied on their expe­ri­ence. The trail is not as straight for­ward as it seems, so expe­ri­ence was great asset. No down­time on trek sav­ing extra mileage look­ing for a route. I believe it took us 5 and a half hours to reach the peak.

Hav­ing lunch at the sum­mit of Hawk

After the peak lunch and snacks is where this adven­ture begins. Just about about an hour of hik­ing down the loose talus and steep ter­rain I catch a glimpse of my friend Art sit­ting and Yumi hov­er­ing over him. As i got clos­er i see that there was blood! Yumi was busy patch­ing Art up. After ask­ing what hap­pened, and check­ing if Art was okay. He told us how he slipped and fell, wow, Reg and I was shocked, we asked if he want­ed a heli­copter to take him down, because there was at least 4 hours descent to hike. Strong as an Ox, he said it was all good.

Crazy injury tum­bling on sharp talas rocks

Check­ing on him while descend­ing kept us all cool and col­lec­tive. As we got close to the canyon, the water was dry on all us except for Reg who had the fore sight to stash some water along the trail.  Sure need­ed that swig of water. Thanks Reg.



Morro Canyon

Explore off the beaten path

This is actu­al­ly not too remote to get to but rather not very com­mon to explore this area. Mor­ro peak is just above this canyon, which is the main traf­fic to this trail­head. The Over­lan­der Trail also comes by this way. Instead of head­ing toward Mor­ro Peak path, to head towards the Hawk Moun­tain path and find the canyon here. Some come here for some sport climb­ing, as for us it was a quick explor­ing trip and a lit­tle scram­bling.


Roche Miette

The Alpine Club of Cana­da (ACC) does trips like this one with local trip lead­ers. Alan is one of the lead­ers you can con­tact if you are an ACC mem­ber. He told me that he usu­al­ly does 60 out­ings a year, so the chances are pret­ty good if you want to do a trip and are trav­el­ling through and have no one to go with, this is an alter­na­tive way to explore the area.

Chan­tal on the ridge roche-miette-8467

After pick­ing up Adam (a mem­ber from Ontario) at The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge. The four of us (Adam, Chan­tal, Alan, myself) met at the trail head at 8am and start­ed off this hik­ing and a wee bit of scram­bling trail. You might want some­one to show you this trail as you might encounter the suck­er trail that lead you in the bush­es. Even I for­got where the cairn start­ed since it has been a cou­ple of years ago that I hiked this trail. The day was look­ing good and the trail was is in great shape. It starts out flat until you cross the creek bed and then a steep sheep trail that you should not miss. Get­ting to tree­line seemed quick and then the views starts to reward you for your efforts, exot­ic rock for­ma­tions and alpine flow­ers. Diverse ter­rain makes this trail one of my favorite hikes in the area. Perch against the rugged slope, away from the howl­ing wind is where we had lunch.


The sad­dle was close and the ter­rain gets steep­er. Time to put the gaiters on for the scree and snow. Chantal’s blis­ters of pain from her stiff hik­ing boots did not stop her from reach­ing the sum­mit of Roche Miette. The snow was in per­fect con­di­tion to kick up the sheer slope and saved some time.


Adam was eager to reach the top, as the clouds were rolling in and not know­ing what kind of weath­er awaits us. As for myself, just hop­ing that I can take some good pho­tos with the clouds break­ing inter­mit­tent­ly.



The sum­mit at last! Alan points out the nose of Roche Miette where the cairn sits is the false sum­mit. The mus­tard jar in the cairn had sev­er­al reg­is­ters to sign, so I took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to adver­tise my web site on it. Yes, I spammed it, with no regrets!

Down climb the chute

Access: High­way 16, Approx­i­mate­ly 15 min­utes dri­ve north/east from Jasper

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: No offi­cial trail — starts on the pipeline access gate

Dis­tance: 4 to 5 hrs

Activ­i­ties: Hik­ing / Scram­bling


1999 — 2002