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On a recent recre­ation­al vehicle(RV) trip to plot out attrac­tions and must see areas in north west British Colum­bia (BC). The pur­pose of the trip was a work com­bined with some fun in the process. The insight we gath­ered on how trav­el­ers find their way around new des­ti­na­tions was quite an eye open­er. When you live in a tourist town, you tend to for­get how the vis­i­tors need infor­ma­tion that is sec­ond hand to a local.

Locat­ed on the south side of Con­naught Dri­ve and Hazel , No propane

What’s this got to do with Jasper? Well, we have neglect­ed to tell you about cer­tain ser­vices that are avail­able to RV trav­el­ers that vis­it Jasper, like the sim­plest things like fuel.

Locat­ed on the north side of Con­naught Dri­ve and Hazel, no propane

Propane is use for BBQ and for motor vehi­cles, and there is only one out­let in town, the Petro Cana­da on Bal­sam Ave, and of course after a cer­tain time, they stop pump­ing, pret­ty safe to get help on work­ing hours, if they are short hand­ed, for­get get­ting about your vehi­cle get­ting filled. Diesel, there was only one until last sum­mer of 2015 all three gas sta­tions retro fit­ted their pumps to include Diesel, so we are good there. Hint on this is, if you are vis­it­ing on a long week­end, make sure you fuel up before you find your camp spot for your vehi­cle, as it has been known that the tanks at the sta­tion run dry. You will thank us for this tip.

The only one car­ry­ing propane, locat­ed on north side of Con­naught Dri­ve and Bal­sam
Locat­ed on north side of Con­naught Dri­ve and Bal­sam, only one with propane

There are only four camp­sites with pow­er hook ups, fol­low us on our next arti­cle to find out more on trav­el­ing with a recre­ation­al vehi­cle.

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