Wilcox Lake

Wilcox Lake

Exploring the Wilcox area

Won­der­ful hike off the Wilcox trail, a lake hid­den behind some ridges. It was nice to see hid­den gems like these. I don’t think we saw this in a hike book when we decid­ed to do this trek. Word of mouth in around town amongst the like mind­ed crowd is prob­a­bly how we got here.

Elevation start at 1900 meters
Ele­va­tion start at 1900 meters
Wilcox area map
Wilcox area map

Trail­head park­ing for the south bound­ary trail or the camp­sites in the area. Most choose the trail­head from Wilcox to access this lake, how­ev­er,  you can access via Tan­go Falls from the north.

Wilcox view of the Athabasca Icefield
Wilcox view of the Athabas­ca Ice­field

Spec­tac­u­lar view right from the start of the trail.

Ptarmigan or Grouse?
Ptarmi­gan or Grouse?


This area retain snow slopes year round
This area retain snow slopes year round
Wilcox Lake
Wilcox Lake


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