Picture yourself on a deserted island,  in the middle of the river, Rocky Mountain style. Haul your camping gear for a night or two. Let the river take you effortlessly downstream. It is always better when the water is high. Bring your own firewood, as there won’t be any to use, unless you want to camp without a fire.


Chillin’ way to float


Hauling gear on inflatables

Methods of traveling to this area is Canoe, Kayak and Raft. I find a raft is is the slowest means, but it can haul plenty of gear.


Soft sandy beach


remote and serene

Starting points on this trip can vary. Several areas, you can park and put in to the river. Old Fort Point (my favorite), parking and easy access to the river, also the ending point to the rafting companies, be sure not to park where the rafting companies need access to.


beauty surrounds this place


private beach

Shorter distance access is at the Mobery bridge (the one that crosses the Athabasca to access the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and Maligne valley), the gravel area just north of the bridge is where you can put in.


the hauler, everything you need can be packed


more options after this island

Another access is the Sixth Bridge, there is parking where the day use area is plus you can put in at the Maligne river to get a little rush prior to connecting the Athabasca river.


Did I mention, pack firewood?


firewood, check!

What ever you decide, you still have to shuttle a vehicle at Jasper Lakes, there are some parking pull outs on the southside of Hwy 16. When you come out from the Athabasca Island, you will hit slow and shallow waters of the Jasper Lakes, just head for the hwy and you should find your vehicle.


go just a little further and the landing will be better

Book your campsite with Parks Canada and your vehicle and you should have no trouble parking over night at these points. Hope this helps, and if you need more info on this, please leave a comment below.

Access: Athabasca River, head North East

Parking: Old Fort Point, North side of Moberly Bridge

Trailhead: Almost any egress along the Athabasca River

Activities: Sights / Rafting / Canoeing / Kayaking