Biking, Cycling in Jasper National Park

With the recent AGM (Annual General Meeting) for the JPCA (Jasper Park Cycling Association) at the Legion. The executives laid out some projects in the works and programs for the kids in the summer.

Become a member and recieve many benefits that comes with this association. New to Jasper? This is a great way to learn about the area and find local knowledge first hand.

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Saturday Night Lake

A quick little ride from town to reach...
Overlander Trail - Explore Jasper

Biking Overlander Trail

Overlander trail is awesome when the conditions are just right, not too dry and not too wet.

Big Bend

Big Bend is such an easy site to get...

Trail 4-7-13

The beauty about Jasper is that we...
Some visitors from Nova Scotia

Biking Edith Cavell

Still early season to visit Edith...
minnow lake sign - explorejasper

Biking Minnow Lake

This trail can start anywhere from...
JPCA - Explore Jasper

Biking – Overlander

Overlander is a classic biking trail, best when the road is a bit damp so the dust does not fly. but too much water and the trail is not good to ride.

The foot bridge access

Valley of the Five Lakes – Biking

A classic trail that is fairly busy...
Hiking Signal - Explore Jasper

Biking Signal Mountain

My first mountain This was the first...

Celestine Lake Road

Parks has announced the road is opened...

Valley of the Five Lakes

A favorite for visitors and locals....
Pyramid Mountain - Jasper Alberta

Pyramid Mountain Climb

The hike is fairly steep and hands on,...

Biking Trail Descriptions

Biking Trail Descriptions Majorie Lake...

Jasper House

A biking or hiking to historic site,...

Keith Lake

Exploring off...
Bike jump - Explore Jasper

Monday Source Group ride

Monday is Source for Sports Group...
Biking - Explore Jasper

Biking Trail Ethics

Great Trails in Jasper National Park...
Biking - Explore Jasper - Jasperguy

Biking Ramping Up

Biking, Cycling in Jasper National...

Marjorie Lake

Short access to this lake on a well...
Biking - Explore Jasper

Trail 2 – Biking

Jasper has quite an extensive biking...
Motorcycle fun

Snaring Road

This road is mostly used for the...

Shops & Services LINKS

Marriage Commissioner






  • Mica Mountain Lodge
    (Located near Mount Robson, half an hour to the
    Jasper National Park boundary)
  • Dreamcatcher Inn
    (Located near Valemount Just over an hour west of Jasper)



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