Great Trails in Jasper National Park

Be prepared! Bicycles can take you farther into the backcountry than you can walk in a day.  You are responsible for your own safety.

Single track

Single track

Biking Ethics

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Cyclists should be on the alert for wildlife.  Stop and wait for the animal to move away.  All animals in the park are wild and can behave unpredictably.  Be especially wary of elk in the spring when they are calving and again in the fall when they are mating.  Use bear bells on your bike and make noise when biking to through shrubby areas and when approaching corners.  Read ” You are in Bear Country ” available at the Parks Information Centre, to find out what to do should you encounter bear.
  • Treat other trail users with courtesy , especially on downhill stretches.  Slow down when approaching blind spots and use a bell, horn or whistle to alert other visitors and wildlife to your presence.
  • Cycle only on designated trails and avoid riding around mud holes which will widen that trail and damage vegetation. Get muddy instead.
  • Horses have the right of way.  In encounters with horse parties, dismount and stand a few feet off the trail (preferably on the downhill side) until the party has passed.   When approaching from behind, stay a few metres back to avoid being kicked.   Let horse riders know of your presence and wait for their instructions before you pass.
  • Don’t litter! If you pack it in, pack it out!

If you come across horseback riders, please dismount