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Ice Climb­ing

Two Valley Canyon

Canyon discoveries in Maligne Valley

This gem is great year round, ice for­ma­tions in the win­ter and water fall in the sum­mer. Some adven­tur­ists repel the water­fall while it is ful­ly gush­ing with water for thrills. This canyon is also nick­named Bull­shit Canyon (if some­one can cor­rect me if I’m wrong, please do so.)

Bring cram­pons as this trek needs them. You can also walk along the top of the canyon if you have ropes to rap­pel into the top part of the canyon.

Will need crampons for this section
Will need cram­pons for this sec­tion
Ice statues
Ice stat­ues
Ice statues
Ice stat­ues
End of the line unless you have ice climbing gear
End of the line unless you have ice climb­ing gear
Another ice fall to negotiate
Anoth­er ice fall to nego­ti­ate
If you can't walk, slide
If you can’t walk, slide

Access to this area is on Maligne Lake road south of the Maligne Hos­tel. You will come to a bridge where the canyon joins the Maligne riv­er.


Edge of the World

Near Marmot Basin

Just a short walk of the Mar­mot Basin road last bend just before the Mar­mot gates. There is no offi­cial park­ing, so when you park your vehi­cle in that cor­ner, make sure the traf­fic is not blocked and you don’t go too far that you get sucked into the soft bank.

That is Pyra­mid Moun­tain over there
Don’t step over the edge.
Jasper and sur­round­ing lakes

It is one of those hid­den hide­aways where the local ice climbers dawn on cram­pons and ice picks when the water fall is frozen.  Neat gem for a pic­nic with a view.

Melis­sa tak­ing in the view




Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing

Many places to go Ice climb­ing like, Maligne canyon, Edge of the world, Two Val­ley, Iron Cur­tain, Melt Out… So many more, get the scoop from the local out­door stores to find these spots out.

Frozen Beauty & Adrenaline Rush

Some peo­ple come out to Jasper to look at the frozen beau­ty of the park’s water­ways in the win­ter. Oth­ers see an adren­a­line-pump­ing climb up an icy canyon as a great way to spend a win­ter after­noon in Jasper.

Ice Climbing is for All Ages, Young & Old

Ice climb­ing has grown in pop­u­lar­i­ty in recent years along with sum­mer climb­ing, where most ice climbers start out. There are some guides that can take you out, so if you don’t have any expe­ri­ence, hire a guide!

Jasper’s Climbing Hot Spots

Jasper hot-spots for ice climbs include Maligne Canyon and the famous “Weep­ing Wall” on the Ice­fields Park­way south of Saskatchewan Riv­er Cross­ing. Guid­ing is also avail­able and rec­om­mend­ed: Asso­ci­a­tion of Cana­di­an Moun­tain Guides (ACMG).


Located in Jasper

Located in Jasper

Hin­ton & Area