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Ski Tour Bald Hills

Bald Hills, Maligne Lake

Open­ing Day for 2017 is March 1, 2017 — (uncon­firmed)

This day tour is a clas­sic amongst the locals and vis­i­tors alike. The route up to Bald Hills hitch­ing post is around 5km one way.

Nev­er did check if the out­house is in ser­vice

There are sev­er­al loops start­ing from the park­ing lot at Maligne Lake, some folks ven­ture beyond like the Six Pass route and or the Sky­line Trail.

Get­ting steep and tight
Get tight near the bot­tom

For us, we just want­ed to get some turns in with half a day to spare.

Just past the hitch­ing post view
Enjoy­ing a bit of lunch before the decent
Nice wide open glad­ed run near the top

Avalanche dan­ger is at a high lev­el these days, so we decide to just stay at tree­line and avoid the loaded slopes.

My trusty Scot­ty Bobs
View look­ing into Maligne Lake

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Yumi, Eddie



Ski Tour Shangri-la

Back country hut Shangri-la

A back coun­try cab­in nes­tled in a val­ley along the sky­line trail. A locals favorite hide­away cab­in that holds 4 per­sons com­fort­ably, 6 if you want to get cozy. To stay in this place, you must reg­is­ter though the local ski club. The care­tak­er of Shangri-la does not adver­tise their con­tact infor­ma­tion online.

Due to con­ser­van­cy of cer­tain species at risk, the Cari­bous, which is a heat­ed debate among the locals and Park Cana­da on weath­er the impact of skiers affect the Cari­bou pop­u­la­tion. The open­ing date to access this area is in late Feb­ru­ary to ear­ly March. A ski tour to this place is an adven­ture not to be missed. Once there, the val­ley has many slopes to day tour and play in the snow.

Access: Maligne Lake Road

Park­ing: Yes, pull out near Rose­mary rock.

Trail­head: Along the Mail­gne Riv­er, or via Maligne Lake

Activ­i­ties: Sights / Hik­ing / Ski­ing


Ski Tour Tonquin Valley

Touring Tonquin Valley

Tak­ing advan­tage of great weath­er and the lift­ing ban of trails from Por­tal Creek and Asto­ria Riv­er. The clo­sure was lift­ed sec­ond week of Feb­ru­ary. Now, Wates Gib­son, Ton­quin Val­ley Adven­tures and Ton­quin Val­ley Back­coun­try Lodges are open for busi­ness.

Winter weight, Tonquin Valley
Win­ter weight, Ton­quin Val­ley
Deep snow in Tonquin Valley
Deep snow in Ton­quin Val­ley
Outside at night
Out­side at night
Virgin beauty of the back country
Vir­gin beau­ty of the back coun­try

This trip was a lit­tle bit of work, and lot of play. For those who don’t know this area, the pho­tos will hope­ful­ly entice you to vis­it. From trail head of Edith Cavell, you get the Asto­ria riv­er entrance. This year the snow­fall has been light, so the trav­el on the riv­er itself was not real­ly an option, how­ev­er we still man­age to cross some snow bridges.

Clearing the heavy snow off the cabins
Clear­ing the heavy snow off the cab­ins
Our entrance
Our entrance
Bridge across the creek
Bridge across the creek

Snow was deep­er in Amethyst Lake area where the cab­ins reside, so some dig­ging down to the cab­ins were in order. We had an ear­ly start in get­ting the chores done before a lit­tle tour at Sur­prise Point, pret­ty close to the ACC hut “Wates Gib­son”. Since that aspect was north fac­ing, the snow was pret­ty light on our tour.

Winter weight, Tonquin Valley
Win­ter weight, Ton­quin Val­ley

Get­ting away with only wax­ing the skis for the 34km tour out was a treat, glide plus kick. The day took about 7 hours, but pho­to oppor­tu­ni­ties and gen­er­ous breaks was well worth the time out. The last time we went in and out of the Ton­quin Val­ley, the tem­per­a­ture was -30 some odd degrees. This trip was  pleas­ant hov­er­ing above zero degrees Cel­sius.

comfortable sleeping quarters, Tonquin Valley
com­fort­able sleep­ing quar­ters
Cooking facilities
Cook­ing facil­i­ties
The Ramparts
The Ram­parts


Ski Tour Little Shovel Pass

Access: Maligne Lake Road

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Sky­line route, Maligne access, Sig­nal, Wabas­so

Activ­i­ties: Sights / Hik­ing / Ski­ing

Ski tour Little Shovel Pass

Part of the Sky­line Trail, this pass can be reached on a day tour either hik­ing or ski­ing. Along the way there is a hut oper­at­ed by a local club. The hut is called Shangri-la. One of the locals favorite ski tour back coun­try cab­in. Sea­son­al clo­sures are in effect, so check with Park Cana­da infor­ma­tion cen­tre pri­or to head­ing out on this jour­ney.