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Red Squirrel Trail

This trail has been around for a while, but Parks decid­ed it need­ed a name and has upgrad­ed the trail nice­ly. Main­ly, it con­nects the town and Jasper Park Lodge with min­i­mal auto traf­fic.

Running free at the dog park
Run­ning free at the dog park
Nicely posing for the camera
Nice­ly pos­ing for the cam­era
Red Squirrel Trail sign
Red Squir­rel Trail sign
Our resident dog whisperer
Our res­i­dent dog whis­per­er

Access from Hazel ave in Jasper, you head toward the High­way 16 (Yel­low­head) then to Old Fort Point and can fur­ther access to Jasper Park Lodge.


This is one of my “go to” dog walk­ing path rou­tine. I get to pass by lake and riv­er. If the dogs get too hot they can cool off and re hydrate.

Our resident dog whisperer
Our res­i­dent dog whis­per­er


Buffalo Prairie — Walking

Seems to be a favorite for dog own­ers to walk this field. We thought it would be fun to have a pic­nic by the stream. Big but com­ing here, as we for­got the pic­nic for the adults.

Mar­mot Basin with­out it’s white glo­ry

Oh, well we still get to #love­na­ture on the prairie.

Jack got this #30x30challenge down
Mount Tekar­ra, beau­ti­ful from all angles  

It is also the sec­ond day of the nature chal­lenge men­tioned by David Suzu­ki FDN. It is the #30x30challenge and to get you to enjoy the nat­ur­al beau­ty we take for grant­ed. So get out­doors for 30 min­utes a day for 30 days in May.

Walk­ing the plank…literally it is a wob­bly plank

Access to this area is not marked, it is one of those wild­land trails that Parks Cana­da does not main­tain.

Enjoy­ing a cool shade

Access: aprox­i­mate­ly 11km from Jasper on the left side when dri­ving south on the Hwy 93

Whistlers Moun­tain