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Brief history of the library The Jasper Municipal Library occupies a building, which was constructed in 1926 as the Jasper Sub/District Headquarters...

Half Marathon 2019

Half Marathon are held in many cities around the world. Jasper National Park host this marathon 2019.

Wedding Services

Nuptial Services Jasper is the destination for weddings and conventions. The local hoteliers are more than happy to cater to your needs. Below you...

Anglican Church

St. Mary & St. George Anglican Church (Church of England, Episcopalian) Miette Avenue and Geikie Street Services:10:30 am on Sundays ALL year...

Health Services

For a town of 5000 residents, we have quite a good selection of health services here.

Chili Cook Off 2018

A Jasper in January event that has been around for many years. The Chili Cook Off without beans.

Athabasca Falls Winter

Winter or summer, this is a point of interest not to be missed.

Watch out for Wildlife

Time of year to watchout for wildlife on the roads. Slow down and enjoy the scenery!

Baptist Church

Baptist Church Patricia Street and Balsam Avenue Sunday worship 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. (780) 852-4222 RELATED LINKS: (...

Activity Centre

Jasper Activity Centre 303 Pyramid Ave Phone: 780.852.3381 Fax: 780.852.5176 More than just an Activity Centre, this complex host conference rooms,...

Medicine Lake

There are several pull outs along this lake, if the water is low enough, you can explore the shoreline.

A Pacific Coast Road Trip Planner

Helpful travel tip section.

Senior Canadian Championship Freestyle Competition

Canadian Championship Mogul and Dual Mogul event is at Marmot Basin Resort, Jasper Alberta. This will be an all-out show featuring top Olympic, National and Provincial athletes.

Tangle Creek

If you are heading to Banff or coming from, this rest area is a must see in the summer when the water is cascading over the cliff. In the winter,...

Jasper House

A biking or hiking to historic site, the access is along a service road maintained by CNR is where you can park the vehicles or ride the bike out...

Lutheran Church

Jasper Lutheran Church Pyramid Avenue and Geikie Street Sunday worship 10:30 a.m. Pastor John Ekstedt (780) 852-4498   RELATED LINKS:...

Retro Day 2018

The season ender for Marmot Basin, they finished it with a retro day fashion show and topped it off with the Athabasca Barnburners. Like I mention...

Skating Conditions March 2018

Skating conditions as of March 14th, 2018 – rough ice and soft top. Might last for another week.

Athabasca Falls

The headwater comes from the Columbia Glacier about 70 kilometers south. Among the most powerful and breathtaking falls in the Rocky Mountains, The...

Valley of the Five Lakes

A favorite for visitors and locals. These five lakes can be accessed in number of ways. Drive to the trail head on the 93 south, just about 6 miles,...

Post Office

Historical building occupied by the Canadian post office.

Stargazing With Jasper Planetarium

Watching the stars in the dark sky is a fun event anyone can enjoy. Just find a moonless night and a dark preserve and the twinkles of the stars...

Geraldine Lakes

The water falls are what most people go to see. but if you venture on to the upper lakes, you will be blessed with more spectacular views. Beautiful...

It’s Time To Find A Place

One of the most important issues living in Jasper.

Travelers need to know three

RV series three Maps. Locations, Attractions... We found that maps were one of the greatest help and I don't mean online maps nor GPS for that...

Atco Street Party 2019

Jasper in January Atco street party. Just some random shots.

Northern Lights

Jasper gets northern lights from time to time and I got to capture these images up at Patricia Lake. The road was way too busy to avoid light pollution, but did manage to capture some images.

Pentecostal Church

Jasper Pentecostal Church Connaught Drive and Pine Avenue Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Pastor Mark Hendricks (780)...

War Canoe 2017

2017 could be the last year that this event will happen. Fun while it lasted.

All Terrain Vehicles

ATV's are not available in Jasper National Park. The tours can be arranged and transported outside the park boundaries for your adventure needs....

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Marriage Commissioner






  • Mica Mountain Lodge
    (Located near Mount Robson, half an hour to the
    Jasper National Park boundary)
  • Dreamcatcher Inn
    (Located near Valemount Just over an hour west of Jasper)



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