Open water on Snaring River

Cross-country Skiing Snaring River

Exploring new areas in the winter

Tak­ing advan­tage of the cold weath­er and hop­ing the the riv­er will be frozen enough for us to trav­el as far as we can get before the trail stops us in our tracks. The equip­ment we used for this trip was a vari­ety of old light gear that includ­ed, cross-coun­try ski that was wax or wax-less and light tour­ing gear from the sev­en­ties. We had a cou­ple mishaps that destroyed our poles.

Frozen just enough to hold our weight
Frozen just enough to hold our weight
Wide open lanscape
Wide open lan­scape
Fairly flat going
Fair­ly flat going

The head wind was a killer mak­ing the tem­per­a­ture cool­er than it was. Once in the canyon, the wind was reduced to a light breeze, just in time to focus on the open water. Warn­ing to the ones who want to try this adven­ture, at any­time you can fall through the ice, so be fore warned! We just send our heav­i­est for our test…lol. We were lucky to hit it at the right time with the cold tem­per­a­ture and low snow fall. Heavy snow fall tends to insu­late the water from freez­ing over.

Narrow parts seems to be more wet
Nar­row parts seems to be more wet
Canyon area
Canyon area

Reward­ed with amaz­ing ice for­ma­tions, we decid­ed to push on through the nar­row canyon, but cau­tious­ly with lots of open water pock­ets and quite a good flow under­neath our skis. We pret­ty well reached our lim­it for this explorato­ry trip, as the riv­er just past the ice falls was impas­si­ble with open water right across the canyon. This canyon is 5 km from the Snar­ing camp­ground.

Open water on Snaring River
Open water on Snar­ing Riv­er

Frozen icefalls
Frozen ice­falls




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