Experience the Unique Sights & Sounds

Jasper in the winter is a playground of  take advantage of incredible, truly Canadian activities. Dog sledding (mushing) is one of many activities you can enjoy.




Alaska Husky Racing Teams

You can mush a team of highly trained racing Alaska Huskies yourself or let an experienced musher take you on a spectacular adventure. Half day These dogs are born to run and when you get there and see for yourself, you can just feel the tension of the racing teams. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this winter activity.


Convenient Locations

Park Canada does not allow this activity to be held in the National Parks trails, but you can enjoy this adventure within the foothills just outside the Parks boundaries. On special occasions, the dog sleds are permitted on Pyramid Lake.


Transportation Available

We understand that sometimes you are travelling with a group and do have any vehicles to get to the destinations that host such events. We have compiled some companies below that can arrange your adventure. Jasper Adventure Centre can arrange everything for you if you do not want to contact everyone individually.


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