Backcountry huts are the only way to go for the ultimate rest and relaxation. If you get the hut to yourself would be a bonus. This area is mainly geared toward the mountaineers who want to bag peaks. Brussels peak is by far the most distinict peak in my books. There are three campsites that are maintained by Parks Canada along the way to Sydney Vallence (Fryatt) hut that is maintained by the Alpine Club of Canada.


Comfortable hut


Make sure you got the key to get in the hut from the club


some negotiating with the trail

This trip has its ups and downs, so to speak. There have been many instances that people have never made it up to the hut. Sometimes it is the snow that makes the headwall difficult to scale. Since the renovations, they have placed yellow markers along the only route up. Just remember to reach the third (headwall) campsite, where the 200 metre steep switchbacks start.


The best kind of shuttle to shave on the hiking

You can start this trip at the Geraldine road at Hwy 95a. You will be doing approximately 23 kilometres. Use a bike to shave off half of mileage or take a canoe and ferry across the Athabasca River.


The Throne

Thanks to Shane, Jamie, Julz, Larry, Chantal for the hike and being my models.


The old bridge

October 1999
By Eddie Wong

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