The water falls are what most people go to see. but if you venture on to the upper lakes, you will be blessed with more spectacular views. Beautiful green lakes and rugged terrain makes this a classic half day hike or overnight camping.


Mina poses for the camera


These waterfalls are running at full capacity

The lakes overflow into the trails that is causing the muddy trails you will encounter and the last part of the trail to the campsite is mostly under water. Even the entrance to the campsite was underwater.


waterfalls are amazing

If you don’t like to camp where campfires are not allowed, this is one of those places to stay away from. The terrain is muddy, rooty, packed and rock falls. The trail disappears in the rock falls but there are lots of cairns to show you the way


Just wonderful views

To note that there are only 4 tent pads and only one camp site for Geraldine Lakes. So book early at the Parks information building in Jasper. The site is equipped with two picnic tables and a bear pole to string up your food.


Lakes are cold and refreshing

There was Hoary Marmots and Porcupines spotted on this particular hike. If you are an experienced camper in the rockies, you know what Porcupines like, so don’t leave your items laying around.


When the lakes are full the trail is muddy

Access: Geraldine/Fryatt Road (31km from Jasper)

From Jasper: Approximately 25 minutes drive

Parking: Yes

Trailhead: 6km up a fire road to parking lot

Distance: 6 Kilometers, approx. 3 – 4 hours

Elevation Gain: approx. 600m

Activities: Hiking / Camping