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Ice Walk Maligne Canyon


Winter is the only time that you can explore the canyon, river level.

Take a tour with the local guides to navigate the dangers that lurks in nature. The scenery you will encounter will be breathtaking and amazing. The guides will fill you with facts and intrigue.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Explore Activities

Jasper has many activities to offer, below is a small sample to check out what Jasper has to offer.

Going great distance for Hot Pot

What does a local do to get a meal in a backcountry cabin.

Snowshoeing – Miette Meadows

Snowshow following some old animal tracks in wildland area of Jasper National Park. Short fun activity for the family.

Snowshoeing – Otter Loop

Easy slow pace adventure for everyone.

Early Skating Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake skating early season.

Ski Tour Tonquin Valley

Taking advantage of great weather and the lifting closure ban of trails from Portal Creek and Astoria River.

Ski Tour Bald Hills

Bald Hills, short winter season due to closures. March 1st, 2018 is the opening day for access.

Two Valley Canyon

Canyon discoveries in Maligne Valley This gem is great year round, ice formations in the winter and water fall in the summer. Some adventurists repel the waterfall while it is fully gushing with water for thrills. This canyon is also nicknamed Bullshit Canyon (if...

Maligne Canyon Winter

Winter wonderland in Jasper Things to do, and points of interest. Regular tours are available to access the valley bottom. A guide will safely tour you around with interpretive knowledge. We do however, have to wait till the weather to get cooler so it can freeze the...

Travelers need to know one

RV series one Services, Fuel On a recent recreational vehicle(RV) trip to plot out attractions and must see areas in north west British Columbia (BC). The purpose of the trip was a work combined with some fun in the process. The insight we gathered on how travelers...

Cross-country Skiing Pyramid Lake Road

Track set on a trail towards Pyramid This would be a medium level due to the  inclines this track has to offer. It is not a stack loop system, in and out the same road. See how far you want to go and turn around when you are good and ready. 2008 RELATED LINKS My...

Cross-country Skiing Moab

This Lake is easier to get to now that Parks Canada extended the cross country ski trail access starting point on Hwy 93a further south this year. With the warm weather this winter, I am not sure how the condition of the snow is at time of writing this. [gallery...

Caving Maligne Canyon

Often I get a question on what is there to do in Jasper in the winter other than skiing. I usually reply to them to go through explorejasper.com's website and search for activities in the winter and you will find there are a lot more than just skiing in Jasper...

Canyoning Maligne Canyon

Ice walk on frozen river Winter is a great time of year to check out the Canyon. Take a Ice Walk tour with the local outfits listed below. The links takes you straight to their websites and you can contact them from there. Try out the walk at night, as I find that...

Winter Hike to Hibernia Lake

A short 6+ km hiking in the snow or should I say a lack of this year.  Follow the cabin creek on trail 3 to the west and the first lake you will encounter is Minnow Lake, then a 1 km past that is Hibernia lake.  Snowshoe tracks was spotted, but the packed trail by...

Skating Talbot Lake

Access: Hwy 16 Parking: Yes Trailhead: 20 minutes east of Jasper townsite Activities: Skating, Wind Surfing Skating Talbot Lake Talbot lake is usually windy and the surface of the ice is bumpy, so the right conditions are necessary to have optimal skating conditions....

Dog Sledding Cold Fire Creek

Family fun dog sledding Ever want to travel and explore the woods in the winter but you think you cannot trek through the forest? You can try out Dog Sledding just west of Jasper with the Dog Sledding outfit. You can book your excursions through Jasper Adventure...


Jasper Curling Club Curling is a sport in which players slide stones across a sheet of ice towards a target area. Two teams, each of four players, take turns sliding heavy, polished stones, also called "rocks", across the ice curling sheet towards the house, a...

Skating Horseshoe Lake

Skating Horseshoe Lake When lakes get frozen, the skates come out and play. Timing for these activities are everything. Cold conditions and freeze thaw temperatures help smooth out the ice surface. These are natural lakes and not maintained by parks or any outfitters,...

Ice Caves Athabasca Glacier

Exploring new area is one of these places. It has been around for awhile, but we had never ventured into this area before. Even though thousands of visitors travel through the Columbia Icefield, this ice cave has not seen many of those visitors. Due to the...

Ski Tour Mt Kitchener

A ski tour for the memoirs Access: From Jasper, head South, Hwy 93, 100 km Parking: Yes Trailhead: From Parking Lot Distance: 20 - 24 km one way Activities: Sights / Skiing / Camping A second ski tour to the Columbia Icefield, when I got the call to do this trip, I...

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