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  1. I just had to drop a com­ment here. It’s one of them “…back in the day…” com­ments.

    I did the Miette pack trail from the Yel­low­head through Miette Pass then north ward to Twin­tree Lake and south to Berg Lake/Robson and the high­way in Sep­tem­ber 1974 with about 30 oth­er kids from the St. John School for Boys in Stony Plain Alber­ta. I was 16.

    St. John was an out­door ori­ent­ed board­ing school, closed in 2008. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_John%27s_School_of_Alberta.

    The new boys to the school start­ed the year with an out­door adven­ture designed to test, chal­lenge and build char­ac­ter. Nor­mal­ly it would be a canoe trip. But the pre­vi­ous year saw a canoe trip in Lake Win­nipeg(?) from their Man­i­to­ba school end in a cap­siz­ing where a num­ber of boys drowned. This trip was con­sid­ered safer I guess.

    It rained almost every day. The trail as you expe­ri­enced was most­ly a lin­ear mud bog. We had no tents, only black plas­tic tarps to fash­ion the best shel­ter pos­si­ble. My solu­tion on many rainy nights was to find a spruce tree big enough to crawl under. We ate most­ly mac­a­roni and cheese. The trip took about 8 days.

    I’d love to do it again before time takes my legs and lungs away.

    I remem­ber much of the trek but not a lot of the route as the teacher’s held the maps. There were some seri­ous riv­er cross­ings. But the trip did test, chal­lenge and build char­ac­ter. And no one lost an eye.

    It was nice to read your sto­ry here. Thanks.

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