Maligne Range with breath taking landscape

Access: South End of Medicine Lake

Parking: Pull out on the right side (south bound) of Maligne Lake Road

The photos describes this exploratory trip to the infamous natural arch. It is not actually well known to the locals, but the climbing niche is, it is one of their favorites. The climb does not need ropes, so it is rated a scramble, unless you really want to get to the top of the arch itself. A really nice durable pair of gloves is highly recommended.


The chute that has to be completed to access the ridge


If you lose the trail, look for chutes like this one


Low water at Medicine Lake

natural_arch_083 natural_arch_081 natural_arch_078 natural_arch_062 natural_arch_055 natural_arch_052 natural_arch_047 natural_arch_042 natural_arch_031

Steep and rugged terrain is what we found and trail not too apparent as not much traffic ventures this area. Trail is dry, so you will need water if you hike this on a hot day. This was about 8 hours round trip. Highly recommend a mountain guide for this adventure.

Thanks to Mike and Rob for the hike.

October 2006
Eddie Wong