Parkers Ridge

Parker’s Ridge is a great place to day hike once you enter Jasper nation­al park bor­der from Banff. Com­bin­ing nature and human activ­i­ty, this area has dan­gers that can be life threat­en­ing. But with prop­er knowl­edge of the ter­rain, this place is a great play­ground for skiers, snow­board­ers, hik­ers and just plain old nature lovers.


Even with prop­er train­ing, there are times that nat­ur­al haz­ards will release on its own and you just can’t avoid it. Equip­ment that is rec­om­mend­ed when access­ing this area or oth­er back­coun­try set­tings that has avalanche haz­ards is Trans­ceiv­er, Probe, and Shov­el. These are the min­i­mum equip­ment that should be tak­en along and have the prop­er instruc­tions to use them.

sum­mer shot of the snow

Avalanche Aware­ness cours­es is avail­able through­out the win­ter­time in Jasper. Many peo­ple take this course for var­i­ous kinds of rea­sons. There are a few qual­i­fied instruc­tors in Jasper that can put on these cours­es. I’ve list­ed some links below; these web sites will have more infor­ma­tion on the type of cours­es that they can offer and where you can rent equip­ment. Avalanche Aware­ness is not a full Avalanche train­ing course, it only helps you under­stand the basic prin­ci­pals of an avalanche, how it is formed, what can trig­ger a slide, equip­ment used, how to use it, what dan­gers to look for and more. It is a great course to take if you have any inter­est in Tour­ing, Moun­taineer­ing, Snow­mo­bil­ing and oth­er back­coun­try sports.

Sum­mer time is also great to hike this area.

Mt. Athabas­ca
Beau­ti­ful path
Ice­field Park­way
Saskatchewan glac­i­er
Shoul­der of the Ridge

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Access: High­way 93, 110 km South of Jasper

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Trail starts at Hil­da park­ing

Dis­tance: 2.4 km

Activ­i­ties: Hik­ing / Ski­ing / Sights

By Eddie Wong



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