Access: From town, Pyramid Lake Road, and Bonhomme Street

Parking: Yes

Trailhead: Along the lake

Activities: Hiking / Biking / Canoe / Fishing / Day Use / Sights

Day use area Patricia Lake

This lake is the one you see prior to reaching Pyramid Lake, on this lake you can fish, canoe, or use the day use area provided. Quite a few locals leave their boats on the dock for their personal use. Patricia Lake Bungalows is further down the lake if you intend to stay over night. Pyramid Lake Resort is just past this lake.

Reflection of Pyramid Mountain by Eddie Wong

Reflection of Pyramid Mountain on Patricia Lake

Locals tend to use this day use area for bbq gatherings or check out the dark skies for amazing photography. Fishing is allowed when the season is open.


Historical value on Patricia Lake is that, it once held a secret operation called “Habbakuk”.


In 1942,  The Second World War was a time when many scientists were encouraged to develop weapon technology and other military equipment to assist the war effort. The idea was that because ice was unsinkable, the berg ships would be insulated and impervious to bomb and torpedo attacks.

The prototype in Patricia Lake was dismantled in 1943 by removing all the machinery that had been used and leaving it to sink in place. In the 1970’s remains of the model were found and studied and in 1989, a plaque to commemorate the unusual ship was placed on the lake’s shore.