The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) does trips like this one with local trip leaders. Alan is one of the leaders you can contact if you are an ACC member. He told me that he usually does 60 outings a year, so the chances are pretty good if you want to do a trip and are travelling through and have no one to go with, this is an alternative way to explore the area.


Chantal on the ridge roche-miette-8467

After picking up Adam (a member from Ontario) at The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. The four of us (Adam, Chantal, Alan, myself) met at the trail head at 8am and started off this hiking and a wee bit of scrambling trail. You might want someone to show you this trail as you might encounter the sucker trail that lead you in the bushes. Even I forgot where the cairn started since it has been a couple of years ago that I hiked this trail. The day was looking good and the trail was is in great shape. It starts out flat until you cross the creek bed and then a steep sheep trail that you should not miss. Getting to treeline seemed quick and then the views starts to reward you for your efforts, exotic rock formations and alpine flowers. Diverse terrain makes this trail one of my favorite hikes in the area. Perch against the rugged slope, away from the howling wind is where we had lunch.


The saddle was close and the terrain gets steeper. Time to put the gaiters on for the scree and snow. Chantal’s blisters of pain from her stiff hiking boots did not stop her from reaching the summit of Roche Miette. The snow was in perfect condition to kick up the sheer slope and saved some time.


Adam was eager to reach the top, as the clouds were rolling in and not knowing what kind of weather awaits us. As for myself, just hoping that I can take some good photos with the clouds breaking intermittently.



The summit at last! Alan points out the nose of Roche Miette where the cairn sits is the false summit. The mustard jar in the cairn had several registers to sign, so I took the opportunity to advertise my web site on it. Yes, I spammed it, with no regrets!


Down climb the chute

Access: Highway 16, Approximately 15 minutes drive north/east from Jasper

Parking: Yes

Trailhead: No official trail – starts on the pipeline access gate

Distance: 4 to 5 hrs

Activities: Hiking / Scrambling


1999 – 2002