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Ski Tour Shangri-la

Back country hut Shangri-la

A back coun­try cab­in nes­tled in a val­ley along the sky­line trail. A locals favorite hide­away cab­in that holds 4 per­sons com­fort­ably, 6 if you want to get cozy. To stay in this place, you must reg­is­ter though the local ski club. The care­tak­er of Shangri-la does not adver­tise their con­tact infor­ma­tion online.

Due to con­ser­van­cy of cer­tain species at risk, the Cari­bous, which is a heat­ed debate among the locals and Park Cana­da on weath­er the impact of skiers affect the Cari­bou pop­u­la­tion. The open­ing date to access this area is in late Feb­ru­ary to ear­ly March. A ski tour to this place is an adven­ture not to be missed. Once there, the val­ley has many slopes to day tour and play in the snow.

Access: Maligne Lake Road

Park­ing: Yes, pull out near Rose­mary rock.

Trail­head: Along the Mail­gne Riv­er, or via Maligne Lake

Activ­i­ties: Sights / Hik­ing / Ski­ing


3 thoughts on “Ski Tour Shangri-la”

  1. The Shangri-la cab­in is a a scam, i have been a mem­ber for years and I have nev­er been able to go there, but they keep your mon­ey now they have a lot­tery 30 dol­lars … a lot of mon­ey when you do not get noth­ing

    1. Sor­ry about your sit­u­a­tion, I myself have resort­ed in day trip­ping there and ski­ing out in a day. It is pop­u­lar with the locals and they tend to be flex­i­ble on the dates that they can go. I don’t know how they do the reser­va­tions any­more since now they have the lot­tery sys­tem. Hope the exec­u­tives see this note and squeeze you in for a day or two.

  2. I have had the plea­sure of enjoy­ing th cab­in at least a dozens times over the last two decades. Usu­al­ly we book for two nights. The book­ing sys­tem has evolved over time to meet demand and more recent­ly to reflect the Park man­dat­ed clo­sures which I under­stand are intend­ed to assist in pro­tect­ing migra­tion routes. The clo­sure has dra­mat­i­cal­ly lim­it­ed access and caused the imple­men­ta­tion of a lot­tery sys­tem. In all my years, I have always been treat­ed fair­ly and have always got­ten my pre­ferred or at least my alter­nate dates. This year my son put his name into the new lot­tery and he got a two night week­end book­ing. We’re not “insid­ers”, just a fam­i­ly from Edmon­ton who have no unique con­nec­tion to Jasper or the club. We plan ahead and have always ensured we applied in the fall as I doubt you can wait until the last minute to book. It’s not a hotel.

    From my expe­ri­ence, this group of vol­un­teers have been doing a great job ensur­ing this unique cab­in is avail­able to the pub­lic and not just a small cir­cle of locals. Well done.

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