Back country hut Shangri-la

A back country cabin nestled in a valley along the skyline trail. A locals favorite hideaway cabin that holds 4 persons comfortably, 6 if you want to get cozy. To stay in this place, you must register though the local ski club. The caretaker of Shangri-la does not advertise their contact information online.

Due to conservancy of certain species at risk, the Caribous, which is a heated debate among the locals and Park Canada on weather the impact of skiers affect the Caribou population. The opening date to access this area is in late February to early March. A ski tour to this place is an adventure not to be missed. Once there, the valley has many slopes to day tour and play in the snow.

Access: Maligne Lake Road

Parking: Yes, pull out near Rosemary rock.

Trailhead: Along the Mailgne River, or via Maligne Lake

Activities: Sights / Hiking / Skiing