My first mountain

This was the first ever bike hike I did back in 1988. The mountain that got me hooked to Jasper. After reaching the peak, I was afforded a breathtaking view and felt authentically Albertan. I fell in love with the place and with such a breathtaking landscape, my photography hobby took right over and started to document the area and compiled a mass collection of adventures in Jasper National Park.


The sweet summit


Birds eye view of Jasper

Signal mountain takes about 3 hours to ascend with the help of a bicycle. First time I came up here, the bike was a rigid frame, never heard about the squishy bikes back then. Some parts of the road is quite steep unless you have a super light bike or thighs of steel.


Can see the Athabasca valley


Carpet of wild flowers

The long bushy road (in some sections) seems endless when you are on a steep pitch, but it is all worth the trek to this summit.


The way back or further to Tekarra

It is also the end point for the skyline trail if you started from Maligne Lake. The Skyline trail takes about three days to trek at a leisurely pace. Bikes are not allowed on the Skyline Trail, but they are on Signal Mountain.


Steep and bushy



Did I say bushy?


Fire Watch Station

Signal Mountain was named in 1916 by Morrison P. Bridgland. Elevation 2,255 metre. This was one of the fire watch stations that has long been removed due to technology.


Amazing view for little effort