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Early Skating Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake skating early season.

Skating Maligne Lake

Not too often you get the right conditions to skate here.

Skating Pyramid Xmas - Explore Jasper

Skating Pyramid Lake

Jasper in January sets up some extra activities like dog sledding and mini festivals.

Skating on frozen lake Mildred

Skating Mildred Lake

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge maintains a skating ovals in the winter. If you ever want to skate on frozen lake, this is one of the places to do so. Natural cracks do form on lakes, so beware that it does not have a perfect surface when skating. They also clear...
Women hockey League

Catch a local game

Sometimes we focus on the outdoors when we live in a wonderland. We can skate outdoors, but local games are fun to watch. Check out the activity centre ice rink for games that might be happening.

Skating free on Talbot Lake.

Skating Talbot Lake

Access: Hwy 16 Parking: Yes Trailhead: 20 minutes east of Jasper townsite Activities: Skating, Wind Surfing Skating Talbot Lake Talbot lake is usually windy and the surface of the ice is bumpy, so the right conditions are necessary to have optimal skating conditions....
Horseshoe Lake 2012 Art

Skating Horseshoe Lake

Skating Horseshoe Lake When lakes get frozen, the skates come out and play. Timing for these activities are everything. Cold conditions and freeze thaw temperatures help smooth out the ice surface. These are natural lakes and not maintained by parks or any outfitters,...

Skating Patricia Lake

Not too often this lake gets a smooth surface to skate on. With the hoar frost on the lake, it looks like you cannot skate, but the hoar frost just crumbles when you glide through them. It is really a fun new experience to try out. [gallery type="rectangular"...
Skating Beaver Lake - Jasper

Skating Beaver Lake

There was a time when dogs can roam the Maligne valley, when a park really feel free. Just like skating on a frozen lake in the great wide open. The access to this pristine area is just 2 km from the parking at the south end of Medicine Lake. This is just one of many...

Skating Activities

Skate Canadian Style!

Over the years, skating has become an indoor activity, something you do in covered rinks, hockey arenas, even shopping malls. But you haven’t really skated until you’ve enjoyed a day on a frozen lake or river, something in Jasper you can do all winter long.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge has skating on Lake Mildred. The Lodge clears a rectangular skating rink just a short walk from the main lodge. They also keep it light for night skating. At Lake Mildred, the lodge clears a giant oval that may have you puffing after only one or two times around. There are also usually two rectangular rinks cleared inside the oval where on most days, you’ll find a spirited game or two of shinny. There are benches to sit on, and often a bonfire and free hot chocolate. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon whether you’re staying at the lodge or not.

Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is another super spot for skating. Take Pyramid Lake Road across the Activity Centre for six kilometres to Pyramid Lake Resort where hotel staff have cleared up a portion of the lake near the shore.

Snaring River

And while lakes are the most popular skating areas, you can also venture onto the frozen Snaring River off the Snaring Road that branches from Highway 16 east of the town. Skating on natural surfaces can take some getting used to. Some of the cleared rinks are flooded but you don’t get that Zamboni-like smoothness you’d find at the local indoors arena.

Other lakes that might be good if conditions are right.

Annette, Edith, Horseshoe, Medicine & Maligne Lake are all amazing spots. I can list lots more but you get the idea. Frozen ponds without snow are the best surfaces for skating.


You have to watch for bumps, notches and the odd bare patch later in the season. You’ll also hear the occasional loud crack even on the thickest of ice in the dead of winter. Use common sense, if you don’t feel comfortable on the lake, don’t go!

Valley of the Five Lakes – Biking

A classic trail that is fairly busy for hikers and bikers alike. There are a couple of ways to access these beautiful lakes. For this post, we were on bikes using trails, 1, 9 and 12 to complete a loop from town.   Right from town, we head for Old Fort Point...

Maligne Canyon Summer

Amazing deep canyon walls One of the most spectacular gorges in the Canadian Rockies, sheers limestone walls plunge to depths of over 50 metres(165 ft.).  An interpretive trail winds its way from the picnic area across six bridges where you can catch the spray from...

Valley of the Five Lakes

A favorite for visitors and locals. These five lakes can be accessed in number of ways. Drive to the trail head on the 93 south, just about 6 miles, or 9 km. This is a popular spot, so the parking is tight. Local favorite is to ride a mountain bike from the back route...

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  • Mica Mountain Lodge
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  • Dreamcatcher Inn
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