A second ski tour to the Columbia Icefield, when I got the call to do this trip, I did not hesitate to say heck ya! The approach to Mt. Kitchener starts at the toe of Athabasca glacier, the same goes for the Snow Dome tour. We took two days to reach the summit of Mt. Kitchener, we built an authentic Igloo for our ultimate winter camping experience.

Mt_Kitchner_0015 - Copy

Glacier marker over the years has receded


The tongue of the Athabasca Glacier


Doug Latimer with his heavy filming equipment


Nobody else to feed me grapes, so I’ll do it myself


Eddie the mountain man?


Vast terrain, expertly navigated by Doug Latimer


When is this going to end?


Thick glacier


posing for the shot


We hit some exceptional days, so our tour was quite spectacular and breathtaking.  Doug Latimer needed to film some footage for his documentary “360 Degrees of Inspiration“, we were lucky to be the recipients of his guiding skills.

Doug taking a time out to relax by the Igloo

Doug taking a time out to relax by the Igloo

While we were building the Igloo, an electrical storm halted our progress for what seem like an hour, sitting on non metallic items and feet on our rope to separate us from the ground. It passed us with no issues.

After the night in the Igloo, I happened to be the last one up, luckily I left the Igloo just before it collapsed. The day was inspirational and breathtaking with amazing views 360 degrees worth. We summit Mt. Kitchener with plenty of day light and get some footage before the decent.


A ski tour for the memoirs

Access: From Jasper, head South, Hwy 93, 100 km

Parking: Yes

Trailhead: From Parking Lot

Distance: 20 – 24 km one way

Activities: Sights / Skiing / Camping

Ski Tour 2006