Hire a guide for amazing access to pristine grounds.

Snowmobiling, accessible a short distance outside the boundarys of Jasper National Park in either east or west of Jasper. You can have the adventure of a lifetime. Try your driving skills on snow, spend couple of hours, full or half day in the wonder land of the Rockies. Bring a camera & some warm clothes and expect an adventure in the backcountry.

Snowmobile with supply trailer

Getting towed with the supplies.

If you do not have transportation to reach the outfitters, you can book with local booking services.

www.SnowFarmers.com is located west of Jasper in Valemount.

Quick & Easy Access to the Alpine

Get to the great alpine without the hard work! Get on one of these powerful machines and power your self through fantastic scenery and powder. The views are amazing when you summit the peaks or just playing around in the open bowls. There are several outfitters that can arrange this awesome thrill ride. You get full training on the snow machines with a guide and they will show you the way to adventure. If you have your own machine, you can hire them as a guide and bring you to the secrets sweet spots.

supply run by snowmobile

Negotiating through the woods sled and trailer.

 Just a little out of town lodgings: