Boundary Lake

A simple short adventure with snowshoes or skis if you like. This trail starts right at the Jasper / Banff border, hence the name Boundary Lake. It is only about 1.5km to 2km from the border sign. From Jasper, it will be just a little more than an hour. Many have driven past this area missing the chance to explore this area.


Yumi at the border


Smiley face


Snow breaking to the ground


Eddie on the border

boundry-lake-0402 boundry-lake-0400 boundry-lake-0370 boundry-lake-0366 boundry-lake-0350 boundry-lake-0316 boundry-lake-0308

Access: High­way 93 (Ice Field Park­way) South of Jasper approx­i­mately 105 kilo­me­ters.

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: At border sign

Activ­i­ties: Snowshoe, Hiking, Skiing