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Sparrow Lake

Fish­ing in the Hinton/Jasper area is an excel­lent way to make sure you have a great day. Here is an account of just one of the many great days that I have enjoyed fish­ing the East­ern Slopes.

Hin­ton — Jasper / A Great Day Fish­ing
Fishing on Sparrow Lake


Our morn­ing start­ed ear­ly. When I pulled up to Richard’s hotel at 6am, he was already wait­ing out­side (you just got­ta like that!) With­in min­utes I could tell this guy was pumped to try some fly fish­ing. He explained that although he had fished all of his life, he had nev­er had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to fly fish and was so excit­ed about it he didn’t get much sleep. ( I didn’t men­tion that the same thing hap­pens to me before a fish­ing trip.) So off we were on our adven­ture, head­ing south of town to a lit­tle lake called Spar­row Lake. This lake can be a hot lit­tle fish­ing hole at times. Hope­ful­ly this would be one of those times. The ride out was enjoy­able with some excel­lent con­ver­sa­tion and sev­er­al stops so that Richard could snap a few pic­tures of the local wildlife. We saw a cow and calf, moose, elk and sev­er­al white­tails. We also saw a big ‘ol por­cu­pine that is prob­a­bly now the most pho­tographed por­cu­pine that ever lived. Richard had nev­er seen one before and was quite amazed that such a strange ani­mal exist­ed.

The dri­ve passed by almost too quick­ly when we arrived at the lake. I launched the freighter and we were fish­ing. I think Richard had watched a whole lot of videos, because I have nev­er seen any­one get the hang of cast­ing a fly so eas­i­ly. Not that it’s all that hard to learn, but it was lit­er­al­ly 5 min­utes and he was yelling “Fish on!”. We spent the next few hours cast­ing and catch­ing a fair num­ber of small­ish sized trout, which pro­duced a whole lot of “YEE HAWING!”, and com­ments about the size of the shoul­ders on these fish. As always I was hav­ing as much fun as Richard was. It’s always enjoy­able to watch the sur­prise on a per­sons face. The first time they feel that burst of pow­er that a trout sends up a 4wt fly rod. (I think he’s hooked.)

Sunset on Sparrow LakeWell hunger caught up to us about noon so we put in for a shore lunch. Fresh fish over an open fire. It doesn’t get much bet­ter that that. After lunch Richard went down and snapped a few scenery pic­tures and then we were back at it again. At this point my new friend decid­ed he want­ed to catch a lunk­er. Well this didn’t turn out to be as easy as it sound­ed. We must have tried 20 dif­fer­ent pat­terns before we enticed a fat boy up for the hit. But when Richard set the hook on this fish, you could see it was well worth the effort.

I was urg­ing him to keep his rod up, palm the reel, let him run, don’t horse him, all of which I know he didn’t even hear. It didn’t mat­ter any­way. He land­ed that fish after some tru­ly amaz­ing runs.

I snapped a pho­to with the tape mea­sure on the fish so he could have it mount­ed, and Richard released it so it could be caught anoth­er day.

The rest of the day was spent try­ing to catch that fish’s dad but in the end it was not to be. (That’s fish­ing)

We fin­ished the day with a few more small trout and then head­ed back north to Hin­ton. Although we nev­er did get one of the tru­ly mon­strous fish that live some­where in this lake, it was as it always is, a great day fish­ing!

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