Nebulas, planets and stars

Stargazing With Jasper Planetarium

Watch­ing the stars in the dark sky is a fun event any­one can enjoy. Just find a moon­less night and a dark pre­serve and the twin­kles of the stars will light you up.

Fun lights on the bridge with Orion Belt
Fun lights on the bridge with Ori­on Belt

A group gath­ered for some view­ing of the stars with tele­scopes, binoc­u­lars and cam­eras to watch the clear skies at 5th bridge in the Maligne val­ley. Jasper Plan­e­tar­i­um sup­plied the tele­scopes and knowl­edge­able staff.

Pointing out the stars
Point­ing out the stars
How light pollution gets in the way
How light pol­lu­tion gets in the way

Note: One thing about going out in win­ter is have spare bat­ter­ies and good warm cloth­ing and you will enjoy the adven­ture a whole lot bet­ter.

Computer hook-up viewing nebulas far away
Com­put­er hook-up view­ing neb­u­las far away
The Milky Way untouched
The Milky Way untouched


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