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War Canoe 2017

Every year the den­tal con­ven­tion puts on a fun com­pe­ti­tion on Lac Beau­vert, “War Canoe”. This year the weath­er was just won­der­ful and the par­tic­i­pants in high spir­its. Great peo­ple from many parts of the Cana­da had a blast at this beau­ti­ful set­ting. CDSPI took the win!

War Canoe

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Just a little out of town

Canoeing Athabasca River

Explore the waterways and glacial fed lakes of Jasper.

Athabas­ca riv­er is one of the fur trad­ing routes used by the voy­agers of yes­ter­day. Dis­cov­er the his­toric routes by tak­ing a tour on the Athabas­ca. There are raft­ing and canoe out­fit­ters that can guide you down some of the pris­tine wilder­ness that Jasper got to offer.

Get back to nature on your own if you have the courage to tack­le the rapids and obsta­cles that awaits you. You can pick-up some maps when you get into town at the Parks office and choose an adven­ture that suits you.

Taking a break on the banks of Athabasca River
Tak­ing a break on the banks of Athabas­ca Riv­er
athabasca-river-040559 Sambo, our favorite canoe dog.
Sam­bo, our favorite canoe dog.


Ian and Sal­ly ham­ming it up.


Taking a break on the banks of Athabasca River
Tak­ing a break on the banks of Athabas­ca Riv­er
View from back of the canoe
View from back of the canoe


Lakes with rentals:

Pyra­mid Lake

Beau­vert Lake

Maligne Lake

Oth­er lakes can be arranged with local out­door shops. See all canoe activ­i­ties


Edna Lake

A lit­tle lake next to Tal­bot Lake, great place to float around or even fish for North­ern Pike. Easy access from the high­way.

lit­tle more shel­ter from the wind
Just below the sur­face you can see the fish
A won­der­ful world beneath the sur­face

Maybe a scu­ba dive is in order here.753-Edna-lake


752-Edna-lake 754-Edna-lake

Access: Hwy 16

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: 15 min­utes east of Jasper on HWY 16

Activ­i­ties: Canoe / Fish­ing / Wind Sail­ing


Old Fort Point

This sim­ple day hike min­utes from Jasper town­site will  bring you to this won­der­ful vista of the val­ley. This hike is for all ages and there is even a stair case to help you ascend the steep rocky ter­rain.  Some times Park Cana­da has some inter­pre­tive hikes that will guide you to this area and show you all the flo­ra, fau­na and geol­o­gy or you can hire a day hik­ing guide local­ly.

Athabas­ca riv­er and Pyra­mid mtn.
Intern­ment camp plaque
Con­nect­ing road to Lac Beau­vert
High angle view from Old Fort Point

Enjoy the view of the Athabas­ca Riv­er and also where the Rafter’s land their crafts. You have to make your own plans for this place, because there is just a pletho­ra things to do. Going to the top in the moon light is one of the things that comes to mind.  Decide for your­self!

Access: Hwy 93a, from Jasper, 3 km South,

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Old Fort Point

Dis­tance: 2 km one way

Activ­i­ties: Hik­ing / Sights