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Trail 4–7-13

The beau­ty about Jasper is that we have so many out­door options, no snow? Well, bik­ing is still an option. The labyrinth of trails makes it easy to pick one trail and switch your route at mul­ti­ple inter­sec­tion accord­ing to your whim.

Bull Elk seems to be out of the rutting phase
Bull Elk seems to be out of the rut­ting phase
Low river levels due to Autumn
Low riv­er lev­els due to Autumn

We want­ed to check out the new paved path along lake annette and from Old Fort Point to Jasper Park Lodge and we were not dis­ap­point­ed, nice work Parks Cana­da! The path made for every­one even wheel­chair acces­si­ble, this sec­tion starts or ends at the beach of lake Annette on the Quick­sand side of the lake.

Upgraded trail from Old For Point
Upgrad­ed trail from Old For Point
Entrance to Jasper Park Lodge
Entrance to Jasper Park Lodge

The few trails we took on this trek afford­ed us with some spec­tac­u­lar views and some wildlife too. This route is also rat­ed easy, not, too much up hills, most­ly rolling ter­rain.

Lake Annette view at Pyramid Lake
Lake Annette view at Pyra­mid Lake
Lake Annette beach, with rock break
Lake Annette beach, with rock break

So get out and explore these trails while they are still in great con­di­tion. We had ran into a small sec­tion of mud between Lake Annette to Fifth Bridge, so avoid if you can, but the weath­er this week is quite dry so the trail might be dry by then. Have fun.

Trail 4, Lake Annette to Fifth Bridge
Trail 4, Lake Annette to Fifth Bridge
Rock Garden along the Maligne River
Rock Gar­den along the Maligne Riv­er
Moberly Bridge, crossing the Athabasca River
Mober­ly Bridge, cross­ing the Athabas­ca Riv­er


Wilcox Lake

Exploring the Wilcox area

Won­der­ful hike off the Wilcox trail, a lake hid­den behind some ridges. It was nice to see hid­den gems like these. I don’t think we saw this in a hike book when we decid­ed to do this trek. Word of mouth in around town amongst the like mind­ed crowd is prob­a­bly how we got here.

Elevation start at 1900 meters
Ele­va­tion start at 1900 meters
Wilcox area map
Wilcox area map

Trail­head park­ing for the south bound­ary trail or the camp­sites in the area. Most choose the trail­head from Wilcox to access this lake, how­ev­er,  you can access via Tan­go Falls from the north.

Wilcox view of the Athabasca Icefield
Wilcox view of the Athabas­ca Ice­field

Spec­tac­u­lar view right from the start of the trail.

Ptarmigan or Grouse?
Ptarmi­gan or Grouse?


This area retain snow slopes year round
This area retain snow slopes year round
Wilcox Lake
Wilcox Lake


Mount Edith Cavell

Few sum­mits in the park can match Mount Edith Cavell’s jagged beau­ty. A small pow­der blue melt water lake and beau­ti­ful Angel Glac­i­er is eas­i­ly reached by a short self guid­ing trail at the foot of s the mountain’s north wall.

Parking lot prior to Ghost glacier falling
Park­ing lot pri­or to Ghost glac­i­er falling
Alpine freshwater, Edith Cavell
Alpine fresh­wa­ter, Edith Cavell
Lake at the base of Edith Cavell
Lake at the base of Edith Cavell
Lake at the base of Edith Cavell
Lake at the base of Edith Cavell
Moss Campion, Alpine flower
Moss Cam­pi­on, Alpine flower

Or take a tour with one of the links below for a full inter­pre­tive tour. The trail winds its way through the mass of boul­ders, rub­ble, sand and rock flour formed by the grind­ing and wear­ing of the rocks around the glac­i­er tongue.

Terry at the edge of the lake, Edith Cavell
Ter­ry at the edge of the lake, Edith Cavell

Anoth­er longer trail leads to pic­turesque Cavell Mead­ows. Neigh­bor­ing Dune Wall is a great mul­ti-pitch climb­ing area. Just up the road is the start­ing point for the Ton­quin Val­ley trails. The road is open in the sum­mer only.

Edith Cavell Road
Edith Cavell Road

Win­ter, the road turns into a ski trail. Spend a few days at Cavell Hos­tel to enjoy super cross-coun­try ski tour­ing at its max­i­mum.

Access: Hwy 93A — after the South park gates fol­low signs to Edith Cavell Road.

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: From Park­ing Lot

Dis­tance: depends on how far you want to go

Activ­i­ties: Sight­see­ing / Hik­ing / Climb­ing


Lake Annette

Many come here to pic­nic, Bar-b-q, play Fris­bee or just soak­ing up the rays as the sun real­ly hits this area. If you are lucky you might see the Ospreys (bird of prey) hunt for their food, they are known to fre­quent the area as I can attest to. Watch­ing them dive into the water and pulling out some­thing you brag about after your fish­ing trip, is some­thing to behold.

great way to spend a hot day

Wild life is of abun­dance, as food attracts ani­mals (please do not feed ani­mals), some get too close for com­fort as these are wild ani­mals and very unpre­dictable. Some ani­mals include White­tail deer, Mule deer, Bears and Elk. There is also a cat­a­comb of hik­ing trails that orig­i­nates from this area. The Parks Infor­ma­tion Cen­tre can sup­ply you with free maps.

Float with a matress
car­ry out your bev­er­ages on a float­ing cad­dy

Boards are avail­able to rent these days in Jasper.    annette-lake-041723   annette-lake-041750

A day use area with plen­ty of thing to do, as this a large area with open spaces devel­oped for every­one to enjoy the park beach set­ting like you would find like the parks in your city (Not), This set­ting comes with a gor­geous view from the val­ley bot­tom. Panoram­ic views of the majes­tic Rocky Moun­tains that Sur­rounds Lake Annette. Take a walk around this glacial fed lake and appre­ci­ate the wilder­ness with­out get­ting to far into the back coun­try.

Jasper’s sandy beach
All ages

This area is for day use only and the war­dens will put out your fire if you stay too late, some­thing I do not agree with, but there are van­dals that make it bad for every­one. Please keep area clean for every­one to enjoy.

just float­ing along

Access: From Jasper head towards The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge, just before the JPL wel­come gates, turn left
Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: 5 min­utes east of Jasper on HWY 16, 5 min­utes lodge road

Activ­i­ties: Canoe / Fish­ing / Wind Sail­ing / Bar-b-q / Day Use