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Jasper Skytram 2017

This attrac­tion is now in full oper­a­tion. What a way to check out Jasper at high ele­va­tion and look­ing into the val­ley where Jasper town­site resides. Spend a day and explore the peak, have a sun­set din­ner at the restau­rant, what­ev­er you decide, it is nice to be out­door.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/explorejasper/ for the time lapse video.

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Valley of the Five Lakes

A favorite for vis­i­tors and locals. These five lakes can be accessed in num­ber of ways. Dri­ve to the trail head on the 93 south, just about 6 miles, or 9 km. This is a pop­u­lar spot, so the park­ing is tight.

Mirror reflection and crystal blue lake
Mir­ror reflec­tion and crys­tal blue lake

Local favorite is to ride a moun­tain bike from the back route to these lakes. Hik­ing is a great option too to spend more time tak­ing in the scenery, sights and smell of Rocky Moun­tain air.

Dog day after­noon
Pussy Wil­lows

These lakes are refresh­ing as we locals call them, so if you care to take a dip in them, be pre­pared to get a lit­tle bit chilled.

Leisure­ly stroll in the park
So clean, so fresh, skin­ny dip any­one?




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Athabasca Falls

The head­wa­ter comes from the Colum­bia Glac­i­er about 70 kilo­me­ters south. Among the most pow­er­ful and breath­tak­ing falls in the Rocky Moun­tains, The Athabas­ca Riv­er thun­ders through a nar­row gorge where the walls have been smoothed and pot­holes are cre­at­ed by the sheer force of the rush­ing water car­ry­ing sand and rock. Park­ing and restroom facil­i­ties. paved trail and pic­nic sites avail­able.

Great view point
Kerkeslin moun­tain in the back­ground
The canyon after the falls
Peo­ple try­ing to build Inuk­shuks
Some steps to access the low­er canyon

In the win­ter there are track-set cross-coun­try ski­ing trail near­by. In the sum­mer this is also a start­ing point for white­wa­ter raft­ing which takes you down some scenic sights only acces­si­ble by water craft. Check out the spon­sors below and take in the adven­ture that awaits you.

Access: High­way 93 (Ice Field Park­way) South of Jasper approx­i­mate­ly 30 kilo­me­ters.

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Short walk

Activ­i­ties: Sight­see­ing

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Ice Caves Athabasca Glacier

Explor­ing new area is one of these places. It has been around for awhile, but we had nev­er ven­tured into this area before. Even though thou­sands of vis­i­tors trav­el through the Colum­bia Ice­field, this ice cave has not seen many of those vis­i­tors. Due to the sea­sons, it is very dif­fi­cult to get to in the sum­mer months, plus it is also dan­ger­ous when ice melts.

The entrance
Crys­tal clear ceil­ing glac­i­er

icefield-cave-0200 icefield-cave-0174 icefield-cave-0166 icefield-cave-0158 icefield-cave-0148 icefield-cave-0126

Columbia Icefield Cave Heather J
Colum­bia Ice­field Cave

icefield-cave-0116 icefield-cave-0120

Athabas­ca glac­i­er can be access by Ice Explor­ers in the sum­mer months. There is also an out­fit that offers hikes onto the glac­i­er, but not to this cave due to the dan­gers that lurk.

Use cau­tion to explore this area. Do not ven­ture too deep into the cave due to crevass­es with in the cave itself. Prop­er tools to ven­ture deep­er is rec­om­mend­ed.

Access: High­way 93 south, approx. 105km from Jasper

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: at base of glac­i­er where the sum­mer plat­form ends

Activ­i­ties: Sight­see­ing, Tour, Ski­ing, Snow­shoe, Hik­ing