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Maligne Canyon Summer

Amazing deep canyon walls

One of the most spec­tac­u­lar gorges in the Cana­di­an Rock­ies, sheers lime­stone walls plunge to depths of over 50 metres(165 ft.).  An inter­pre­tive trail winds its way from the pic­nic area across six bridges where you can catch the spray from the thun­der­ing Maligne Riv­er, or peer into the mossy depths.

Infor­ma­tion­al map
No fences here, use cau­tion

If you stay on the reg­u­lar path, the steep bits are fenced for your safe­ty, so don’t ven­ture any­where you are no com­fort­able with. When it rains, many areas gets slip­pery.

Maligne Canyon
Safe­ty net

Some of the areas are def­i­nite­ly not great for unsu­per­vised chil­dren. I’ll repeat again, use cau­tion and com­mon sense.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
view from above
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Frozen water­falls

Sum­mer has a dif­fer­ent charm to Maligne Canyon, although you can­not get right into the canyon itself, unless you are a Kayak­er. You can how­ev­er walk along the the Canyon from above to view the beau­ti­ful water falls and gorges.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
good paths
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Good Park­ing area with the entrance close by

This attrac­tion draws many vis­i­tors, so you might even run into park­ing issues, and if you do, there are options like tak­ing a tour with the local guide arranged in Jasper town or park at Fifth bridge and hike up the canyon.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Guid­ed tours avail­able year round


Near­by, between the Fifth and Sixth bridges, are the Rock Gar­dens and the Boul­der Gar­dens, Jasper’s fore­most climb­ing areas. In the win­ter, try your hand at a guid­ed Canyon Tour across the floor of the frozen canyon.  This is a sight you’ll not want to miss!  The Tea House is open from March to ear­ly Novem­ber.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper
easy steps
Maligne Canyon - Jasper
Great for fam­i­ly fun

Maligne Canyon - Jasper

spec­tac­u­lar view

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Valley of the Five Lakes

A favorite for vis­i­tors and locals. These five lakes can be accessed in num­ber of ways. Dri­ve to the trail head on the 93 south, just about 6 miles, or 9 km. This is a pop­u­lar spot, so the park­ing is tight.

Mirror reflection and crystal blue lake
Mir­ror reflec­tion and crys­tal blue lake

Local favorite is to ride a moun­tain bike from the back route to these lakes. Hik­ing is a great option too to spend more time tak­ing in the scenery, sights and smell of Rocky Moun­tain air.

Dog day after­noon
Pussy Wil­lows

These lakes are refresh­ing as we locals call them, so if you care to take a dip in them, be pre­pared to get a lit­tle bit chilled.

Leisure­ly stroll in the park
So clean, so fresh, skin­ny dip any­one?




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Lac Beauvert

Beautiful Green Lake — Lac Beauvert

This lake sits along side The Fair­mont Jasper Park Lodge, equipped with a boat house, bar-b-q deck, walk­ing path and a golf course. Rent a pad­dle boat or take a canoe out for a pad­dle, this glac­i­er fed lake is spec­tac­u­lar when the sun shines. There are still fish in this lake too if you are into fish­ing.

Jasper Park Lodge
Jasper Park Lodge
Great trail along the shores of Lac Beau­vert

The upgrad­ed path around Lac Beau­vert is widen and lev­eled out makes it a plea­sure to take that stroll in the for­est.

Dif­fer­ent angles for dif­fer­ent views
Crys­tal clear glacial lake

The golf course is set along this shore and there is even one hole you have to get your ball over the lake to make your hole.

Golf Course
Water­sport events

Rent a water­craft from the boat house or a bike to tru­ly enjoy and explore this won­der­ful lake.


Athabasca Falls

The head­wa­ter comes from the Colum­bia Glac­i­er about 70 kilo­me­ters south. Among the most pow­er­ful and breath­tak­ing falls in the Rocky Moun­tains, The Athabas­ca Riv­er thun­ders through a nar­row gorge where the walls have been smoothed and pot­holes are cre­at­ed by the sheer force of the rush­ing water car­ry­ing sand and rock. Park­ing and restroom facil­i­ties. paved trail and pic­nic sites avail­able.

Great view point
Kerkeslin moun­tain in the back­ground
The canyon after the falls
Peo­ple try­ing to build Inuk­shuks
Some steps to access the low­er canyon

In the win­ter there are track-set cross-coun­try ski­ing trail near­by. In the sum­mer this is also a start­ing point for white­wa­ter raft­ing which takes you down some scenic sights only acces­si­ble by water craft. Check out the spon­sors below and take in the adven­ture that awaits you.

Access: High­way 93 (Ice Field Park­way) South of Jasper approx­i­mate­ly 30 kilo­me­ters.

Park­ing: Yes

Trail­head: Short walk

Activ­i­ties: Sight­see­ing

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